2conv (2022) How To Use 2conv To Download Videos And Audios From Various Sites?

There is no limit to entertainment in this modern world of the internet. There are numerous platforms that will entertain you with various different things. 

There are so many video streaming platforms, music streaming platforms, and entertainment is guaranteed with all these social media platforms.

Out of all these platforms, Youtube is the biggest entertainment platform of all and it has taken the world by storm. 

You might have found a good hip-hop tutorial dance video on youtube and to learn it you need to watch it again and again. 

And watching again and again on youtube will cost you data and also buffering time and all those ads in between which will waste your time.

So for that purpose, you have to download that video to your mobile so that you can watch it easily whenever you want.

And that’s where tools like 2conv will help you out. In this article we will look into how to use 2conv, is 2conv safe, and many more things. So keep reading.

What Is 2conv?

2Conv is an awesome tool that is used by millions of uses every single day for downloading videos, converting videos into mp3 from many different platforms. 

2conv was registered in 2008 and has been widely popular among social media users for downloading videos and converting them to mp3.

Now let’s check out how to use 2conv to download videos and audios from various different platforms which are being offered by 2conv.

How To Use 2conv To Download Youtube Videos?

Suppose let’s say you want to download FRIENDS song from youtube. To do that head over to youtube and search for that video and copy the video URL as shown below:

youtube 2conv

Once you have done that, head back to 2conv website and paste the URL that you just copied in the “enter video link” box of 2conv as shown below.

2conv mp3

Now before you hit convert you’ll find a dropdown next to convert where you’ll have 5 options to convert and download as shown in the below image.

youtube to mp3 2conv

Click the one that you want to convert. If you want to download the video then click on mp4 or if you want to download mp3 then click on mp3 and hit convert.

Once you have done that, 2conv will take few seconds (less than 10 seconds usually) for processing your request. 

Once it’s processed you’ll find a download option just as shown in the below image.

youtube converter 2conv

Now you just have to tap on download and your video will be downloaded right away. So that is it, you have successfully downloaded a youtube video using 2conv.

What Other Videos Or Audios Can Be Downloaded Through 2conv?

2conv can also be used to download Facebook videos, Instagram videos, TikTok videos, Twitter videos, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Spotify/SoundCloud audios

2conv is a multi-purpose tool to download your favorite videos from many social media platforms. 

The procedure we saw to download youtube videos from 2conv, you can use a similar process to download videos and convert them from other platforms as well.

Is 2conv Legal?

No, using 2conv or 2conv platform is not illegal. But you can only use the downloaded videos for your private use. 

You cannot proceed and redistribute it for commercial purposes which then can be considered illegal. So make sure whatever you downlaod with the help of 2conv you never use it for commercial purposes.

Is 2conv Safe To Download?

Well, there are lots of pop-ups and irrelevant ads that are being shown on 2conv. This might be something that users will definitely have a concern about. 

Be careful while using this site, be careful in the sense you should make sure you won’t click on any ads that appear on 2conv. 

2conv website is safe to use for downloading purposes but clicking on the ads that appear on the site might land you in trouble. 

How Does 2conv Make Money?

No doubt 2conv makes a lot of money every single month as they get around 5M organic traffic every single month. So they would be making a good amount of money from ads shown on their site.

2conv mp4

The ads are very irritating as it pops up here and there on the website but that’s how 2conv makes money. 

2conv youtube to mp3

They also have a separate page on their website named “Place an ad” which is for advertisers for advertising their products or services on 2conv.

youtube downloader 2conv

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Final Thoughts

Well, 2conv would be a good tool to use for downloading and converting the videos but the ads shown on the website which you would definitely won’t like. But other than 2conv works great and is simple to use.

This article has shown you how to use 2conv to download and convert videos. We hope you got to know about the same.

Quick FAQ’s

What is 2conv?

2conv is a tool to download and convert videos from many social sites

Is there a 2conv chrome extension?

No, but instead you can download their mp3studio youtube downloader

Is 2conv free to use?

There are no costs involved to use 2conv

is 2conv safe?

Yes, 2conv is very safe to make use of

Is it legal to use 2conv?

Yes, it’s legal to use 2conv

Why there are too many ads on 2conv?

Ads are their source of revenue

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