Top 5 Best And Free Note-Taking Apps For Android In 2022

You might want to take notes of something for many different reasons. And taking notes in a book would be risky as you might lose the book and also it is not an effective way to it in this digital age. 

When you are taking notes in any app, the data will be store in the cloud and you won’t be having any risk of losing your data. 

So with that let’s look into some unique and best note-taking apps for android. When it comes to note-taking apps everyone must have definitely heard of Evernote and google keep. 

So we are not discussing that here, instead, we will check out some other alternatives and quite unique note-taking apps.

Top 5 Best Free Note Taking Apps For Android

1. Bundle Notes

It is a powerful app that lets you jot down notes, create tasks, add reminders and manage the lists. What makes this app unique is that it allows is that it lets you to organize notes into bundles using tags and custom sorting options. It comes with light, dark and OLED themes which makes it super easy to use at any particular time of the day or night. It is quite better than google keep with its attractive and innovative UI.

2. NeutriNote

Neutrinote is one of the versatile and complete note-taking apps out there. What makes this special is that this app comes with just 2.8MB but despite that, it offers tons of features. The user interface is fine-tuned so that it can reduce app switching.

3. BlackNote

This is one more note-taking app for android which comes with a black theme which will help you to relieve eye strain. It is easy to use with a clean and highly responsive interface. One great thing about this app is there are no ads that will annoy you!

4. Material Notes

This note-taking app is beautifully designed with great UI. You can even lock your notes with a 4 digit pin. You can create widgets and place it on your home screen for quick access. But one thing it is lacking is the ability to pin notes at the top of the list.

5. Notion

Notin is one more simple to use the note-taking app for android users. You can get constant reminders through notifications and it doesn’t have any complex features. It pins your important notes into the notification bar so that whenever you open the notification bar you will be reminded of your important tasks.

Why Is It Important To Take Notes Digitally?

When you are reading or watching something online taking notes will definitely help you to concentrate more on the topic

It will help you to maintain a permanent record of the note that you have written

It will help you maintain the quality of everything that you do

You can access noted down content from anywhere as the notes will be saved in the cloud.


These were the top 5 best and unique kind of note-taking apps. You can check out each one of them and analyze which will suit better for you as per your interests. Note-taking and getting reminded of the notes you have taken have made simpler than ever before by the use of these simple but great note-taking apps!

A quick look at the top 5 best free note taking apps for android

  • Bundle notes
  • NeutriNote
  • BlackNote
  • Material notes
  • Notion

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