What to Consider When Hiring SharePoint Developers? [Best Practices]

SharePoint has grown in popularity and importance over time as a result of its firm basis in collaboration and documentation.

The current version of SharePoint offers features that have endured the test of time. It now has a much more user-friendly interface that enables better performance while reducing developer dependency.

So, if you’ve ever had problems with SharePoint, it’s time to give it another shot!

Why should you go for SharePoint?

Now that we have told you the significance of SharePoint, you must be wondering what benefits you will get upon using it. SharePoint comes with ample advantages, not just for you but also for your business!

It doesn’t matter if you are small or gigantic, no matter what geography or demography you come from, it is the magnanimity of SharePoint that lets you have an all-encompassing experience.

So, this is what the first benefit of using SharePoint is! You get an excellent and standardized user experience.

You can hire SharePoint developers around the world, and you can opt for SharePoint development in any suitable country. If you are looking for SharePoint development in the UK, you are on the right page!

But before we tread ahead with the details of what you should keep in mind while hiring a top-notch SharePoint developer and what the recommended practices are, we shall first put down the second benefit of using SharePoint, followed by several others. 

  1. Excellent and standardized user experience.
  1. Ease of doing business. 

All the regular activities of a business, including documentation, review and approval of papers, signature approval, and issue tracking, can be monitored and reported on a timely basis with SharePoint.

  1. Simplifying business data access.

With SharePoint, you can load down all the complicated data and arrange it in a simplified manner. This leads to easy access to data on a regular basis. Sharepoint can be tailored and can remove unwanted information and data from the page.

  1. Business functions at breakneck speed.

All the giving and taking carried out between the suppliers, customers, and partners requires thorough scrutiny if done manually.

But technology has driven all these functionalities from hands to systems, and now businesses have their own web page that focuses on consistent activities, viz., form filling and data validation.

  1. Safe and secure.

Your data is protected, even if multiple users are accessing it. Employees can utilize the interactive excel spreadsheets running on SharePoint without the fear of their data being hacked or pilfered. 

  1. Enhancing employee engagement.

SharePoint helps transfer and share business data between management and employees. Employees stay in touch with the management by having the right to review and decision-making.

This enhances an employee’s morale and leads to engagement, which thus leads to increased employee productivity. SharePoint development has been a pioneer in maintaining transparency in the organisational hierarchy. 

  1. provide an integrated platform.

SharePoint provides an integrated platform with the flexibility to add new applications as per your needs and requirements. SharePoint supports extensible markup language (XML), simple object access protocol (SOAP), and application programming interfaces (APIs), as well as various document and list handlers.

But before you hire SharePoint developers, you must be thorough with their key responsibilities that form the basis of what you should keep in mind while hiring a SharePoint developer.

Points to consider when hiring a SharePoint developer

  1. The developer should be a master!

By master, we mean a technology expert. A SharePoint developer must have cloud technology experience, be well aware of business process automation, have expertise in databases and documentation, and have to be versatile indeed!

Apart from all this, he has to be an expert in testing and debugging. Without that, you can not pass on the app for further use. Check for this list before hiring your developer. Only a master knows the secrets of playing the game only to win it!

  1. The developer should be an expert in programming languages and frameworks.

The skills and abilities of a SharePoint developer are something to be looked forward to. After all, this is why you need him. A SharePoint developer must have technical skills in programming languages and frameworks. These languages can include – 

  • .NET
  • JavaScript 
  • C#
  • CSS and HTML

There are a set of programming languages; find what you are looking for!

  1. The developer should be skilled in UI/UX design processes.

Always keep in mind that you are not hiring the services of a developer to meet your business needs, but to provide the end-users with satisfaction.

And that is why you need to have a percolating user interface that attracts the attention of the end-user, and for that, you must hire a SharePoint developer who is an expert in this.

  1. The developer should have excellent communication skills.

This is a soft skill that every, I must repeat, every developer must have! There are all kinds of people collaborating on a single project. You wouldn’t want the language to be a barrier between you too.

That is why proper communication is a prerequisite. A developer should be able to communicate his ideas and mode of working in different contexts and with different people. Strong collaborative skills will be an add-on!

Best practices in SharePoint Customization

These are the best practices that a developer has to be aware of. The recommended practices are what will keep the company in the news and provide it with stern support for growing and penetrating the market fruitfully. Also, read about important uses of SharePoint in this post.

  1. When Customizing SharePoint On-Premise, Use Caution!

Many businesses consider setting up a SharePoint platform on their premises. SharePoint can be easily integrated with various apps to create a perfect database.

However, if the developer uses the incorrect list, the SharePoint customization plan may fail. This means that even minor changes to the personalised SharePoint environment can cause downtime.

  1. Integrate with PowerApps and Flow

The integration of PowerApps and SharePoint allows developers to create applications even if they are not coding experts. SharePoint provides a variety of other customization templates that allow all Office 365 users to add an n-number of elements to it.

  1. Create a bot.

There are numerous options available on the market for introducing bots. One of the most beneficial aspects of using bots to personalise SharePoint is that it makes the system easier to use.

Because of the increasing adoption of AI, the integration of Office 365 apps with various software has been very successful. Bots can be customised to meet the needs of the user, and they can be customized with Microsoft Flow connectors.

  1. Governance Policies 

Any business owner must maintain governance rules to ensure that employees have access to the system based on their job descriptions. You can also set up a process that alerts you whenever an employee attempts to change anything in the SharePoint environment.

This can aid in risk mitigation. And, to accomplish this, any business owner must establish governance rules that ensure system access is granted to employees based on their job profiles.

It must have been clear why you should choose SharePoint for your next business project. With the surplus of advantages provided by SharePoint, it’s time you go on a hunt for a SharePoint developer.

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