What Are Some Amazing Benefits Of 3D Printing Technology?

Before we get into 3D printing first let’s understand what is 3d if you aren’t aware of it. 3D is the full form of 3 dimensional. In 2d you only have 2 dimensions but in 3D you can have 3 dimensions i.e you can see it from 3 sides. You can feel like a reality with 3d.

Science and technology have taken us so far that you can build almost anything with the help of 3dp printing. The 3D printing technology is growing at a rapid phase and since the 1980’s the technology has been evolved a lot.

The 3D printing technology is making changes in the way we make objects from tools to toys and from clothing to body parts.

This 3d printing technology is part of a process which is known as additive manufacturing. In additive manufacturing, an object will be designed by adding layer by layer. 

This technology allows the designers to create the complex parts of the machines with very little cost and within a fraction of time. It can do things like sculpting, forging, molding etc

You might have seen the customer-friendly 3d printers in homes or business locations. Creating a blueprint of the object that you want is the very first step in 3D printing. To create your own designs you can use modeling software such as a blender.

Once you are done with the design you need to send it to the printer. So when the 3d printer receives your data it will pull the object through a tube and the 3d printer will add layer by layer to the object to make it a fully formed structure.

The most common object which is used in 3d printing are plastics. But if you want to create some other pretty amazing products you must use other kinds of materials.

You might have seen some amazing chocolate designs in the chocolate shops, yes it is designed by the 3D printers. 

In the medical field, doctors can make use of 3d printers to print small body parts such as ears and noses by making use of patient’s cells.

The giant 3d printers can even create houses with very little time and in a cost-efficient way.

5 Real Benefits Of 3D Printing

1. Customization

2. Storage Solutions

3. Gifts

4. Practical Solutions

5. Bridging Cheaper Materials

What can you do with 3 printing technology?

  • You can print very expensive pieces
  • Planes will soon have 3d printed parts
  • Luxury cars have 3d printed components on their cars
  • Medicine will have lots of benefits with 3d printing technology
  • Guns can be printed with this and can be used by anyone
  • 3D printers might take down complex human jobs
  • The fashion industry is having lots of success with 3d printing
  • It can be used in plastic wastes

Reasons Why 3D Printing Is Awesome

  • 3D printing is faster than traditional technology
  • 3D printing has little or no geometric limitations
  • 3D printing is cheaper than mass production
  • It can be very easily used for testing the prototypes
  • You can share the STL file or the blueprint with anyone in any part of the world and they can have the product get designed i.e 3D printing is decentralized. 

Final Thoughts

But that’s not all it. The 4D printing technology is on it way which will be the new kid in the block. Hope you had an idea about what is 3d printing technology and its amazing uses which will run future technology.

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