Top 5 Best Free Video Editing Apps For Android In 2022

Many professional video editors will usually edit their videos on a laptop using professional software. But for people who cannot afford such high-end software or don’t have pc or laptop here are the 5 best and free android video editing apps that you can make use of. 

If you are a YouTuber or do vlogging then one of these 5 video editing apps will definitely come in handy for you. These apps are very simple to use with lots of cool features.

1. Quick

Most of you might not have heard about this app but to be honest it is quite amazing. You can use Quick to edit your videos super easily. 

There are around 23 themes that you can choose from and you can make beautiful transitions and effects and it syncs everything to the beat of the music. 

You can customize your stories with music, text and can be easily shared with your friends. You can add up to 75 images and video clips from your gallery and you can speed up the footage or you can play it in slow motion.

2. Vlogit

This app is made specifically for vloggers and it makes the video editing super seamless for anyone even if you are just getting started with video editing. 

You can even make use of picture-in-picture and speed controls to have footage stand out. It helps you to make thumbnails with ease without putting a lot of effort. A good thing about the free version is that you can remove the watermark.

3. Inshort

This is one of the most famous android video editors out there and it is preferred by a lot users because of the plethora of effects and transitions offered by Inshort. 

It has glitch effects, stop motions, slow motions, adding stickers and frames, and lots more. Even though it comes with a watermark in the free version but you can get rid of the watermark just by watching a 30-second advertisement video. 

For someone who is looking for overloaded features, Inshort is the perfect android video editing app for you.

4. Super studio

This name is probably unheard by most of people but to be honest this is one app that you will definitely love it. It offers lots of features including video cutter,merger, video trimmer, resizer, speed control, and lots more. 

You can add music, customize different layers, add filters, stickers and what not! The best part of this app is that it is completely free. 

There is no limit for the number of videos you edit, no payment for any advanced features which makes it one of the best free video editing app for android.

5. Kinemaster

Till now we have discussed 4 free video editing apps but all these 4 apps have one thing in common that is single layer layout. 

But if you are looking for a professional kind of interface with more layered and better video editing software then you must check out Kinemaster. 

Kinemaster is the most famous video editing app and everyone would be definitely aware of this app. 

This app gives you enhanced controls on your video files and provides you with various blending modes with multiple effects to fully enhance the video you want. 

This is the only app in this list of 5 which supports exporting your video up to 4k 30fps. But one disadvantage of the free version of kinemaster is that it comes with a watermark but looking at the quality and options it offers this app is great. 

If you are someone who doesn’t bother about watermark then you can definitely go with the free version of kinemaster.


Hope you got the best free video editing app for your android as per your requirements. The free version will always have some kind of limitations but if you are ok with that then any one of the above-mentioned will be a good fit for you.

A quick look at the top 5 free video editing apps for android:

  • Quick
  • Vlogit
  • Inshort
  • Super studio
  • Kinemaster

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