Which Are The Top 5 And Best Free VPNs For Android In 2022?

Many people would want to hide their online activities while browsing for many different reasons. In such scenarios, you can hide your online activities and you must use a VPN service. You must always know that a paid VPN is much secured than a free VPN.

3 Main Features Of Using A Virtual Private Network

Incognito Browsing

You don’t even have to go into the incognito browser manually. Simple you just need to turn on your VPN and all your internet traffic will be completely encrypted and your online activities are completely anonymous.

Wifi Safety

As your online traffic will be encrypted through a VPN you will be shielded from the risks of using public wifi and can enjoy complete online security.

Location Spoofer

Using a VPN will hide your IP address and your location will be bypassed and you can access the content which has restrictions in any particular region.

But there are few disadvantages as well by using VPN such as it will slow down your internet speed, connection breaks, security issues and even using VPN in some countries might be illegal which you must be aware of!

But having said that free VPN can be used in several different scenarios where you just want to bypass the limitation or you might don’t want to use too much data every single day. 

So in such kinds of cases, below are the top 5 and best free VPN apps that you can make use of on your android device which are absolutely secure.

Top 5 And Best Free VPNs For Android In 2022

1. Proton VPN

This is one of the best-paid VPN out there for Android users but it also offers a lot of features for absolutely free. 

You need to create an account to use this proton VPN app but the one limitation of this VPN is that you only get to use a single device per email account. But you have any limitation on the capping on the amount of data consumed. 

The free version will get you pretty good security. You will get 256-bit encryption and DNS leak prevention which is good for a free version. They don’t record your browsing history and also won’t display any privacy-invading ads!

2. Tunnel Bear

This is one more free VPN for android users but unlike proton VPN in Tunnel bear, you only get 500MB of data per month. 

But they will give you a free GB of data when you do a simple tweet to the company. It also gives access to 24 location servers in the app itself.

The tunnel bear VPN also gives you access to a special feature known as ghost bear which will basically hides the fact that you are using a VPN from your ISP. 

But the disadvantage of this is that by using a ghost bear it can result in very slow speed so use it when it is absolutely necessary for you.

3. Hotspot Shield

It is a good VPN but has a lot of limitations for the free version. The biggest disadvantage is that your location is restricted only to the US servers and also you only get 750MB of data. 

But this 750MB of data is for the day and not for the month which is quite good. In this free version, you can add up to 5 devices which is absolutely great compared to proton VPN which provides for only one device in its free version.

4. Betternet

You might have already heard of this VPN. Because it is quite famous in the industry. Betternet has a very good interface which makes it super easy to use. 

The advantage of Betternet VPN is that you can have unlimited data to use even for a free version. The free version of the betternet will show you the ads. 

When using a betternet VPN your connection is always stable and you can have great speed even if you haven’t opted for the premium option. It is very easy to use and connects in seconds!

5. Hideme VPN

This is one more free VPN for Android users. This VPN has been around for a long time and it is still one of the best free VPNs to make use of. 

The disadvantage is that you only get 2GB per month for the free version but you can refer other people and get more GB. The best thing is it doesn’t show ads even in the free version. 

It has one good feature known as “split tunneling” which allows you to create a VPN for only some apps and other apps can make use of VPNs without the restriction of hideme VPN. That is a great feature, isn’t it?


These were the top 5 and best free secure VPNs for android which you can use on your android devices. You might be wondering are these 5 only VPNs out there in the play store? 

No! There are a lot more. But you shouldn’t check out every one of them because you must know that VPNs are the easiest ways somebody can access your private data. 

We have already discussed in the beginning that it is always better to go for paid VPN services as you can have complete security but if you don’t want to pay for VPNs or if your usage is low then you can try out these 5 free VPNs which are safe and secure.

A quick look into the best free VPNs for Android:

  • Proton VPN
  • Tunnel Bear
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Betternet
  • Hideme VPN

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