Why Direct Mail Postcard Marketing is Still Relevant for Your Business?

Do you know that most of the businesses in America still opt for direct mail marketing over digital platforms? At least 75% of the consumers still engage more with the brands when they get their mails in their mail box.

Your target audience is getting hundreds of emails during the day. Most likely, they will not open your email.

But at least 4 out of 10 consumers love to check their mail box. Direct mail gives your audience a tangible medium to engage with. And that is why it is still relevant.

Hiring Online Printing Company for Postcard Mailing Services

When you are trying to make a mark with your business, opting for postcard mailing services will put you in an advantageous position. Why? Getting mail from brands creates an emotional connection with the consumers.

As per the research of the Data and Marketing Association, your direct mail will get more than 150% response than any digital media after the increase of 43% in the response rate in last year.

So, as you can see, when you are hiring companies like Hamilton Marketing, you are actually investing in something effective.

Direct Mail Postcard Marketing is Still Relevant?

The following points will tell you how effective your direct mail postcards still are. Take a look.

High ROI for Businesses

As a business, you surely think of investing in paid ads and display ads. But do you know that in terms of ROI, direct mail gets 25% which is very close to the ROI you can get from email and social medial marketing?

While only 3% of people click through the email, direct mail has more engagement rate than any other medium. So, investing in it is surely a good idea for you.

Similar to Personalized Data-Driven Ads

A long time back, direct mail was used to be just location-based. But with time and the advancement of technology, businesses these days have many software and applications that offer them the data and analytics about their target audience.

You can find out the right demographic from this data. And that can be combined with your strategy of direct mail postcard printing in California.

With the help of this data, you can find out the location of your target audience and even create more personalized postcards that will help them engage with you more.

Better Results with Digital Marketing

The previous point brings us to this one. It is wrong to say that the success of the business is only dependent on one medium of promotion.

When you have the digital medium as well as printed tools, you can easily combine them and get benefitted in all ways. While direct mail gets you more engagement, you can ask your consumers to scan the QR code to get a discount.

Or print a hashtag and ask your customers to use that on social media with the products that they have purchased from you. Combining both of these will give you amazing results.

Less Competition

Most marketers are so engrossed by digital marketing strategies that they often end up ignoring the effectiveness of the direct mail.

They invest time in email and social media marketing while their mailers never reach the mail box of the consumers.

This will leave you with less competition in the field. While your consumers are bored with the same emails or Facebook posts, your engaging postcard will be a breath of fresh air for them.

Better Brand Recognition

Most of the time, emails go straight to the spam folder. Or even if the user is opening an email, they are not engaging with it every time.

But with your printed postcard, at least one purpose will be achieved. You will ensure more brand recognition with direct mail.

Your consumers will know about your name, logo or even brand colors which will later on help them recognize you.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire a company for online printing services and place your order with them for direct mail marketing. Enjoy the advantages that direct mail has to offer right away.  

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