Top Document Management Companies in India

Document management is one among the major leading verticals these days. Everyone in the industry is able to understand the importance of data management and learning ways to enhance it.

Every industry is working to implement new tactics for better management of their organizational data. This is quite clear in the minds of organizations that data management is among the crucial ways that can help companies to survive in this difficult market.

All the businesses these days are focusing equally on online and offline business to survive the competitive market. 

Evolution of Document Management

If we talk about previous decade the term document management indicated a different scenario. As most of the businesses were offline so documents were managed in some other practices. Offline businesses had offline documents that were collected and stored manually with help of human resources.

These paper records were stored in physical spaces that were quite heavy on the pocket of companies. Manual indexing and tagging were done for documents.

But, in this current situation the tables have turned. All the major businesses are moving online and acquiring online sales. As the world has moved online, the production and consumption of data has hiked significantly.

So, document management in this modern world required modern approach. This means digital documents require appropriate software to store them and manage them.

Document management companies in India

If you are looking to outsource the process of document management, then you need to do your homework properly. With the increase in demand of offsite document management and cloud based document management system, the market has also been crowded with time.

You need to properly search the appropriate company that will suit your company’s requirements at the best. So, here is the list of some top-notch document management companies of Gurgaon, India that are leading the market of data management-

SoftAge Information Technology Pvt Ltd

Due to its excellent customer service and cutting-edge technology, tops the list of document management companies. It was founded in the year 1994 in Gurgaon. Along with its other verticals, such as logistics and artificial intelligence, it has carved out a strong position in the record management services industry.

Apart from that, the company offers services such as paper processing, business process management, business process automation, manpower outsourcing, and more.

The company has solidified its role by consistently providing high-quality services with a workforce of up to 5000 people and a presence across India. Logistics, aviation, real estate, finance, banking, healthcare, and eCommerce are all examples of industries that are served by the business.

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OpenKM is one of the most effective and powerful document management systems available, as well as one of the most secure and reliable.

Any size business can use this free and open source document management program to store, maintain, and retrieve information and photographs of any file type at any time.

OpenKM’s advanced search functionality is one of its most notable features. You can quickly improve your decision-making abilities and increase the efficiency of your workgroups and organization with this document management program.

Securus Records Management Pvt Ltd

Securus Records Management Pvt Ltd is a fast-growing records and document storage company in India.

The firm was founded in 2005 with the goal of creating an effective document management system for a variety of document-sensitive businesses, such as financial consulting firms, insurance and banking firms, law firms, audit firms, and media and entertainment firms.

We not only assist you in comprehensively reorganizing your business records, but we also assist you in protecting them from natural and man-made threats such as fire, moisture, pests, and sabotage.

In a nutshell, we act as a guardian for your sensitive business documents, ensuring that they are kept safe.

Krystal DMS Solutions

Krystal DMS is a document management system that is both simple and effective. The solution is suitable for any size business as well as personal use. Krystal DMS, a free and open source database management program, can help you process and manage your sensitive documents and data.

The software is also available for a trial period during which users can learn more about it and put it to the test. As a result, you can finally say goodbye to bulky filing cabinets and stacks of paper files that take up valuable space.

The app comes in four different versions: Enterprise, Premium, Standard, and Community.


If you are looking for document management solutions for your company and confused, you can have read at above-mentioned organizations.

Compare the aspects of these companies as per your personal organizational requirements to get the best output from this list of the best document management companies in India.

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