Top Flutter Open Source Apps of 2022

If you are planning to develop an open-source app to expand your business and improve user experience, then you should choose Flutter for the task. Flutter is an open-source and free mobile UI framework that was developed by Google.

It is a very powerful framework that allows you to create highly complex apps both for Android and iOS platforms. It is powered by the highly dynamic Dart programming language that helps you to create widget-based UI which is attractive and highly functional.

If you are still not sure whether or not to use Flutter to create an open-source app for your business, then you can look at the top 9 open-source apps. All these apps were created through Flutter and they offer amazing performance.

The Best 9 Flutter Open Source Apps

This is a small list of popular Flutter open-source and feature-rich apps that offer a fantastic user experience.


This app built through Flutter is designed and developed for the Nano cryptocurrency. The developers have used the Dart programming language to write the code of this highly functional app.

It is a fast and robust open-source app that comes with an intuitive and sophisticated UI design that is both attractive as well as easy to use.

This dark-themed app offers a highly secure wallet application that you can use while trading NANO. It comes with a feature that allows you to share the QR codes so that you can receive the NANO. Furthermore, it has an intuitive mechanism through which you can easily add any new contact information.

Special features

  • Robust design, quick, and highly secure.
  • Integrated QR code scanner.
  • Push notification.
  • Uses state-of-the-art Flutter widgets.
  • Cleaned and modern interface.

Google Ads

As Flutter is developed by Google, it is natural that the company will use it to develop its apps. One such example is Google Ads.

This app gives you complete control over your online advertisement campaigns and allows you to manage all the information from one place. The interface of the Google ads app is very modern, clean, easy to use, and is highly functional.

Special features

  • Basic types of ads (image, text, WAP mobile).
  • Product groups in shopping campaigns.
  • Campaign settings.
  • Automatic CPC bidding.
  • Portfolio with strategies.
  • Demographic targeting.
  • CPA bidding (conversion optimizer).
  • Mobile interest categories and many more.


It is a very popular movie app that was created using Flutter. It could be categorized as a multiplatform Dart app that is perfect for looking at various movies and showtimes for the Finnkino Cinemas.

This app is available for both the iOS and Android platforms. The UI of this app is designed in such a way that it gives you a grid-based view of various movies which makes it easier to browse.

You will find the scheduled timing of the movies that are running in the cinemas near you. Additionally, you will get a complete movie detail screen in which there is a video player through which you can play the movie trailers, also look through various images of the movies and learn about the cast.

Special features

  • Look at movie trailers and other details.
  • Find the showtimes of your favorite movie in your local theater.
  • Search bar.
  • Buy or reserve movie tickets through the app.

eBay Motors

The eBay motors were launched in 2019 and its main focus is cars. You can use this app to find a huge selection of various vehicle parts and accessories that are available on eBay.

You can also find new vehicles, buy and sell them as well as sell the vehicle parts through this app. It has a highly sophisticated AI photo analysis feature that can swiftly identify any car from the pictures. You can also use this app to share information with other auto enthusiasts online.

Special features

  • Buy and sell auto parts and accessories, from the app itself.
  • Get a full US inventory of auto parts and accessories at your fingertip.
  • Chat option.
  • Pay for the cars through the highly secure
  • Use your inbuilt phone camera to scan your license plate and VIN and all details of your car will be automatically uploaded for you.

SpaceX GO!

It is a very powerful open-source app that can be used to track SpaceX launches. If you are interested in the SpaceX company and want to follow any new development related to this company, then this app is your best option.

The app is built in a way that is highly intuitive and has an inbuilt SpaceX launch tracker. The main aim of this app is to provide space enthusiasts who are interested in the SpaceX company and its many endeavors with the ultimate experience of tracking SpaceX launches on various platforms.

Special features

  • Highly intuitive dark-themed UI.
  • Inbuilt SpaceX launch tracker.
  • Information regarding past and upcoming launches.
  • Push notification to inform the launch of the rocket.
  • Information regarding various rockets, capsules, and ships that SpaceX has created.
  • Track the position, speed, and status of all active ships of SpaceX.

Hamilton Musical

This is a feature-rich musical app in which you can use the camera, stickers, in-app store, and Karaoke. It is available for both the iOS and Android platforms and it offers excellent performance which is very close to a native app.

This app allows you to access all information and music tracks related to Hamilton.

Special features

  • Get news about Hamilton and also view exclusive video content and slideshows.
  • Take part in official Hamilton lotteries through this app.
  • Use the stars that you have received to access personalized videos, karaoke tracks, sticker packs, and more.
  • Record and share videos of singing Hamilton songs.
  • Buy items from the official Hamilton store.

News Buzz

It is an excellent news app that is created in a Flutter. The app has an excellent design that is simple and easy to navigate. You can use this app to get real-time local, national, and international news right at your fingertips. The back end of this app is integrated with firebase which acts as the authenticator.

It has several features that include a customized news feed that you can get from selected sources, saving interesting news articles, bookmarking, and listing news in various categories. The UI of this app uses a material design that looks simple yet elegant. It features a Google sign-in authentication.

Special features

  • Breaking News.
  • Multiple news categories.
  • Material Design.
  • Regional news.
  • Instant news update.


It is an open-source puzzle app that is made by the New York Times which can be accessed across multiple platforms like iOS, Windows, Android, and web applications all sharing the same code base.

It is an excellently designed app in which you can play multiple types of puzzles that are both fun and exciting. The puzzles that you can find in this app are categorized according to the age of the user and there are hundreds of levels that you can play.

Special features

  • 50 free puzzles.
  • Unlimited free 3×3 grid size puzzles.
  • A huge selection of puzzles that range from 3×3 to 9×9 grid size.
  • Multiple color schemes are available.
  • Multiple input modes for notes and digits.
  • Buy more games from the KenKen store.

Label StoreMax

This is another open-source app created through Flutter called the Label StoreMax. The UI of this app is white-themed and it looks very modern and clean. This app is designed in a way that it can flawlessly work with the WooCommerce stores and API.

It is extremely fast as it comes with a caching system that allows it to handle the high rate of traffic without any lag in its performance. You can use this app to connect with the WooStore and look through various categories.

Special features

  • Login/register.
  • Fast performance and the easy checkout experience.
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Dark and light modes.
  • Full integration with WooCommerce.


If you are looking for an open-source framework that is modern, robust, secure, and feature-rich to create apps for your business, then you can use Flutter confidently to get the best solution for all your unique needs.

All the applications listed above are developed through the open-source Flutter framework. These examples show that Flutter is flexible and allows you to create an application for different industry verticals.

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