Top 5 Free Pdf Editors For Ios

It goes without saying that pdfs are very essential in our day-to-day lives. There are a lot of paid editors out there which offers a lot of features but at the same time, they will charge a lot of money as well. 

But there are good free alternatives as well which definitely has some pretty amazing features. So in this blog post let’s look into of the best free pdf editors especially for ios devices.

Top 5 Free Pdf Editors For Ios

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe acrobat reader is one of the most famous pdf editors out there in the pdf market. You can add your own comments, you can also add text on top of the existing text, it also comes with annotation tools such as underline and highlight. 

You can simply run your fingers on the pdf where you want to make the changes. You can convert the files into one pdf or convert the pdf into word or excel. This app is being used and trusted by millions of people all around the world.

Foxit Mobile pdf

You will love this app for its simple interface. It provides you with a good reading experience and rich annotations. 

You can manage your pdf document pages easily and you can even scan documents to generate HD pdf files. You can make use of tags to manage the files. It is a lightweight app as well so that it won’t exhaust your device resources. 

It supports 12 languages and it also has a file protection feature so that you can safeguard sensitive information against the unauthorized access. It also supports reading the pdf out load and lots more features!

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Pdf element

Pdf element is one more good pdf editor for iPhone and ipad users. It helps you to boost your productivity my making use of this app on the go. 

You can register with wondershare ID and get access to all the functionalities for absolutely free. 

Some of the top-notch features of this pdf editor include pdf converter, fill and sign forms, create and combine your pdf, camera to pdf, page management, file sharing, and tons more!

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iLovePDF Editor

This one also makes it into the list of top 5 pdf editors for ios devices. The best thing about this app is that you can add watermarks of your own. 

Some of the features of this editor include compress pdf, add page numbers to files, watermark the pdf, split pdf files, merge pdf, extract images to pdf, text recognition, and many more.

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Document by Readdle

A document by readdle is a free and simple pdf editor for ios users which contains the basic editing toolset. 

The free version only contains a few features but that’s quite enough for a sim0le user. But you cannot add or draw text over the file. It is being used by 60million people in over 70 countries which makes it worth checking out. 

You get the widget option for file actions. Some highlighted features of this app include, import and save files, manage files, access content that you love with a secure VPN, integration of all cloud services, listen and watch, read and edit pdf, and lots more advanced features.

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If you are struggling to find the best pdf editors for your ios device then any of these 5 pdf editors for ios will definitely help you out. Do check out each one of them and select which satisfies your requirements and interests.

A quick look at the free pdf editors for ios:

  1. Adobe Acrobat
  2. Foxit Mobile pdf
  3. iLovePDF editor
  4. Pdf element
  5. Document by Readdle

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