How eCommerce is Changing the Clothing Industry

Hola Amigos! We know you must be reading this blog through your mobile, aren’t we right? I guess we win this bet because even a kid can see our lives are totally and insanely revolve around the internet and its tools.

From booking an airline ticket to purchasing online your favorite ragged denim. All things are done through the means of good almighty digitalization and that is the internet.

COVID-19 has also made this medium quite popular and in demand, as it is the best way to practice social distancing and shopping from the comfort of your home. The clothing industry is the one conglomerate that has adopted this change wholeheartedly, and they have germinated the seeds of change into their roots be it B2B or B2C.

The apparel sector although it’s a bit challenging when it comes to making the shift totally on the virtual land, they have strived well and proved through the help of technological advancement that on-site or off-site they are here and there stand is engraved well into the field.

So, we will look through that how e-commerce has changed the clothing industry game in today’s world.

Personalization is the key to winning hearts

Anything which has a personal hint attached to it will make anyone go weak on their knees. It feels nice when someone pays attention to little details and makes you feel special. We know this isn’t a love-related blog (chuckles) but, all these minute details are kept by none other than our fella! Internet. Online shoppers always prefer things that are exclusively personalized for them.

For instance; a great deal just customized for you because it’s your birthday or, a special online discount for the customer whose birthday is today.  You see things like this create a great and lasting effect on the customer’s mind and compelled him to shop more.

Reviews pave the way

We are 100% sure that before buying that amazing pair of sneakers you must have read tons of reviews on the website. Aren’t we right? This is a common habit that is done by millennials before making a purchase online.

This is a fact that over 98% of buyers always regard the importance of reviews over anything. But, on the contrary, reviews take a secondary seat when a retailer has strong maintained return policies as this made the trust factor more prominent. Like Affix Apparel is a renowned name in the fashion industry, and its policies are highly entrusted well in the market.

Social Media presence

This is 2022 and this era is totally dedicated to social networking sites, where the world revolves around influencers and tiktokers. Where an endorsement on an Instagram page will cost you higher than making a full-fledged television commercial.

E-commerce’s biggest pal is social media, as they both hands in hand have accustomed many inventions. For instance; paid promotions as discussed above by celebrities are a big game-changer in the e-commerce genre, they can mold and increase the sales sky high just by posting or claiming the usage of the product.

Application usage

Amazon, eBay, and Ali express are known names in the world of e-commerce. Their presence can make or shake a brand with such intensity, that hasn’t been seen before. They have changed the perspective of the shopping experience.

Through their medium daily billions of articles be it from clothing lines or general equipment sold instantly. That’s what we call the power of e-commerce in 2022. They have not left any stone unturned within their capacity.

Augmented reality

The latest yet most anticipated invention in the dimension of e-commerce is augmented reality. This has changed the game and breaks the barriers between our screens and reality.

The online shopping entire experience is now evolved to the next level through the help of this astonishing addition. The questions like will this dress suit me? Will this color be good for me? Aren’t these pants too skinny for my physique?

Every potential shopper while shopping online contemplates questions like these… but, hey through the means of augmented reality they can witness from the comfort of their home how all these clothing pieces will look on them.

Shrinking the distance

What is border huhh? Why do we wait for Victoria Beckham’s fall collection to launch in our country after four months? The waiting game is over guys, through e-commerce the distance between countries has shrunk and can be measured by the speed of our internet connection.

Do you live in Europe? No worries your favorite designer dress can be purchased through an American website and can be shipped right away. All thanks to this stream of e-commerce through the assistance of this particular niche, the waiting tenure is reduced and we can enjoy any clothing from around the globe.


It is not wrong to say that this millennium is flourishing and running all because of the internet and its essentials tools like e-commerce.

Through the means of e-commerce, the industries like clothing have significantly raised their approach from online shopping to giving their customers an experience like augmented reality.

All this is just a glimpse of what this sector of digitalization can do, as expectations are high and demand to seek a more personalized experience from the comfort of home is gaining hype.

So buckle up and relax the journey of e-commerce in the apparel industry will surely going to reach the magnitude of success in the coming future.

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