How Aeps Promotes Business Opportunities for Indian Citizens?

The revenue generation of AePS was estimated in the financial year 2020. In the estimation it was noted that AePS generated more than five hundred billion rupees across India.

The Digital India programme has transformed India into a digitally empowered society. It has combined “Faceless, Cashless, Paperless” into one segment.

In 2016, The NPCI initiated a payment system. It was in a way to promote cashless transactions.

It was named as Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.

The installation of a bank and ATM was an expensive method. Therefore the NPCI initiated AEPS service which was based on B2B type.

This system enables customers to avail banking facilities via Aadhaar linked bank account. It also allows customers to withdraw or deposit cash in a hassle-free way.  

Many times a customer forgets to carry an Aadhaar card. In that case, he/she can use a debit card to make an AePS transaction.

Therefore, AePS can be termed as a “one-stop solution” to initiate bank transactions. This is the reason many entrepreneurs are planning to initiate AePS business.

What is an AePS app?

The UIDAI issued a unique identification number. This number is called Aadhaar Number. It allows Indian citizens to avail numerous benefits. 

The Indian citizens can perform 4 functions with their Aadhaar Number. These functions are-

  1. Cash deposit
  2. Aadhaar card money withdrawal
  3. Balance inquiry
  4. Mini statement

On the other hand, the AePS payment and app service is a payment system launched by NPCI. This system helps banking institutions and banks to use Aadhaar for KYC. 

This system enables the customer with a bank account to access the ATM facility. It scans fingerprints to verify identity for every transaction. 

How can you initiate AePS business?

To initiate AePS business, you need to follow below steps-

Install AePS software. You will choose the best AePS provider. AePS will benefit you to easily operate your business.

There are many companies in India like GST SUVIDHA KENDRA that provide AePS software. 

These centers are approved by GSPs. It enables you to earn high commission on every transaction. 

Fulfill all the legal formalities to initiate AePS business. This will provide you a legal entity of your business.

Get web hosting and domain name to successfully run your business.

Take proper training to make a huge profit.

After that, you will provide bank facilities to customers. You will earn a high commission on every payment.

This system has advanced features like UPI, Aadhaar Pay, etc, which will aid you to get more customers. 

How to use AePS?

You can use Aeps with the following steps-

  1. Visit a bank correspondent. 
  2. Provide Aadhaar number
  3. Choose transaction type
  4. Select bank name
  5. Provide transaction amount
  6. Scan your finger for proof
  7. Finally take your receipt.

What are the benefits you can attain with AePS business?

The benefits of AePS business are-

  1. Earn high commission
  2. Your own business name and logo
  3. Safe and secure method for payment
  4. Easy to use software
  5. Provide Government scheme facility. It will be with the use of Aadhaar as proof.
  6. No need for higher education
  7. Maximize your commission with your efforts.
  8. Can convert your shops into mini ATMs.


A GST SUVIDHA KENDRA is a GSTN approved and authorized center. These centers provide GST and other facilities to SMEs, shopkeepers, etc. Moreover, these kendra’s help people to initiate business by buying a GST franchise. 

As a center, you will provide the following other services to Indian citizens-

  • Bill Payment Service
  • Aadhaar Pay
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment Service
  • Mobile Recharge Service
  • Flight, Bus, Train Booking Service
  • DTH, Cable TV, D2H, recharge Service
  • Insurance Payment Service
  • Loan Payment Service
  • Money Transfer, etc.

What are the requirements for AePS business with GSK?

You should have the following to initiate AePS business-

  1. Indian citizenship.
  1. A space or area for commercial purpose
  2. Knowledge of basic computer software programs
  3. Laptop or computer
  4. Morphs device to scan fingerprints
  5. Printer
  6. Internet connection

What are the benefits you can provide to customers with AePS business?

You can provide following benefits to customers:

  1. Make instant transactions to any bank account.
  2. Cardless cash withdrawal. For this, the customer must link their bank account and Aadhaar Number. 
  3. Provide access to basic banking facilities
  4. Supported across various banks
  5. No need to keep a password in your mind. 
  6. Mini statement and balance enquiry facility
  7.  Secure and easy method
  8. Save hassle and time.
  9. No need to hurry to reach an ATM or bank.


The AePS has empowered every bank customer to use Aadhaar number and fulfill banking transactions. It has offered banking services like 

  • Aadhaar to Aadhaar transfer of fund
  • Mini statement
  • Balance inquiry
  • Cash withdrawal, etc.

To ease the rural people, you can initiate AePS business in rural areas. You will require a minimum investment. Also with your effort you can earn a high commission.

You will require the following while providing AePS service-

  1. Customers bank name
  2. Aadhaar Number
  3. Fingerprint.

The AePS business is a profitable business. You do not need high technology knowledge or a high degree. With a 12th pass certificate and basic knowledge of computers, you can initiate this business.

There are several approved GSKs that can help you to initiate this business with minimum cost of investment. You can contact them through the helpline number mentioned on their website.


Q1. What is the limit for customers to withdraw cash with AePS?

The customer can withdraw or transact a maximum amount of Rs.10,000/-. This amount is set by the NPCI.

Q2. How can you earn high profit with AePS business?

You can earn high profit by fulfilling the requirements to initiate AePS business. Also, with your efforts, you can earn high commission on every transaction.

Q3. Who can avail AePS service?

The customers with a bank account linked with an Aadhaar number can avail AePS service. It will help customers to carry out basic banking facilities.

Q4. How is AePS business profitable?

The  AePS business requires minimum investment which will provide high profit on every transaction. Also, you don’t require high tech knowledge to initiate AePS business. This enables you to easily & hassle-free run a successful AePS business.

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