All You Need To Know About AWS Partnership

Due to the rapid advancement in technology, many Indian companies have started using the services of AWS (Amazon Web Services). As per an article, there are six Direct Connect locations of AWS in the country, out of which one is in Bangalore, one is in Hyderabad, one is in Delhi, one is in Chennai, and two are in Mumbai.

You can also opt for AWS by looking for the best AWS consulting partner in India. But what exactly is AWS? What are the partnership types, and how to choose one? Are their services beneficial? You can attain answers if you continue reading this article.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is an online platform that offers cost-effective and scalable cloud computing solutions. This platform provides many operations like content delivery, database storage, and so on that help in the growth of the business tremendously.

What is AWS Partner Network?

AWS Partner Network offers technical and consulting support to organizations that want to move to the cloud and need their management and technical services. Whether you have a start-up or a large business, many want to avail of the AWS partner network services. After all, they help scale, deploy and adopt solutions. That’s not all; they help organizations be educated with the AWS services and anticipate their needs.

What are the types of AWS Partnerships?

The two types of a partnership include technology and consulting. AWS technology partners are commercial internet, and software companies that offer cloud solutions, particularly software utilizing AWS. It is divided into Standard, Advanced and Registered levels of partnership.

When comes to AWS consulting partners, they are expert service organizations that help build, design, and migrate new applications. Depending on the expertise level, it is divided into the registered, premier, and advanced standards. You can either search for an AWS technology or an AWS consulting partner in India.

What are the Benefits of Working with an AWS Partner?

Cloud computing is essential for every business, including government agencies. Hence, you can immediately hire an AWS partner. But if you hesitate, you can keep reading to know the advantages.

1. Allows you to stay focused: While your business focuses on developing the software, your AWS partner will handle the services and management of the cloud computing platform. You can ensure that they have all the tools to resolve problems and offer the best assistance. Whether the problem is related to the infrastructure of the AWS or not, they can solve all your issues efficiently and effectively.

2. Fix issues on time: AWS partners must have tons of experience to handle all your problems on time. They must be able to understand them and provide swift solutions with their resources.

3. Help maximize the return on investment: Every company or business expects higher returns after investing in any technology. Well, hiring AWS partners can help you achieve that. The services are cost-effective, and you will undoubtedly earn more.

How to Choose the Right AWS Partner?

Whether you choose an AWS consulting partner or a technology partner, you will have to select the best. So, you can read on and gain some tips.

1. A team of certified engineers: The engineering team must hold specific pro certifications. Some include solutions architects, developers, SysOps administrators, DevOps engineers, etc. Although all are not crucial for your management requirements, they can become so.

2. AWS platform focused: Your partner must entirely focus on AWS rather than other cloud computing platforms. They must be up-to-date about the changes and release of new features to effectively handle your cloud presence.

3. Transparent and hard-working: Hard-working and transparent AWS partners can help you achieve your business goals. You must discuss your goals and ensure they are aligned with yours. Indeed, they must be hard-working and transparent in managing the cloud computing platform of your business.

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