Mp3 Juice App Music Downloader for Android | Is it Safe?

Not everyone can afford Spotify and even though Spotify is free it comes with ads and you cannot download the music offline which is a big disadvantage.

But no worries as there are a lot of alternatives like the mp3 juice app. And by the way, the mp3 juice app is not available for all the nations as for some nations it is restricted to download this app.

With that said, let’s check out the official mp3 juice app without further ado.

Mp3 Juice App Free Download

As said before, this mp3 juice app is restricted for a few countries and if you are one of those from the restricted country then check the article that we have written on how you can use mp3juices cc for downloading the music you want.

Article link: Mp3juices cc

Now there is a lot of mp3 juice app in the play store, no doubt you’ll be confused and start scratching your head as to which is the one you should download.

Below is the link to the official Mp3juice music app.

 Mp3juice – Music Downloader

Now there are a lot of apps in the play store with the same or similar name i.e Mp3juice – Music Downloader so make sure you download the right one and the right one is the above play store link that we have mentioned.

Just to give you an idea, below is what the mp3 juice app looks like in the play store interface.

Mp3juice app has more than 7.5K reviews given by the people who have downloaded the app and has a rating of more than 4 stars.

Hope we have made it clear on which mp3 juice music app to download. 

Now let’s check out some of the features of this music downloader app.

Mp3 Juice Music App is Free

Yes the music downloader app is free and no payment is required even if you want to download the music

Save Offline

Everyone needs this i.e saving their favorite songs online because whenever they want to play them they can easily play them without any buffering. And if there is an internet issue then you no need to worry at all as you have saved your music offline!

Play Before Download

Playing the music before you can download is a good feature as you’ll be able to make sure that you are going to download the right music from the official music artist.

With all these advantages there is one disadvantage that is sometimes there will be ads that can be distracting when you are downloading the songs and other than that the mp3 juice app is pretty handy.


I’m sure before reading this article it was pretty difficult for you to download the right mp3 juice app. Hope now you have installed the app and enjoying the music!

Some FAQ’s

Is the mp3 juice app safe?

Yes, the mp3 juice app is safe except that there are few ads that you can safely ignore.

How to download the mp3 juice app?

Hope we have made it clear in this article how you can download the app

Is there an mp3 juice app for iPhone?

No there isn’t but there are other alternatives for iPhone users

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