Is Musicdownload Zone Safe? Music Video Downloader And Converter

When it comes to downloading videos and music online you know there are a hell lot of sites. And 99% of these sites are absolutely free to use. 

Musicdownload Zone is one of them that is used to download mp4 videos, mp3s and it is also used as a converter.

In this article, we shall check out and analyze whether Musicdownload Zone is safe to make use of, how to use Musicdownload Zone, and more.

What is Musicdownload Zone? 

Musicdownload Zone is one of my favorite sites to download my fav videos and music because of how easy it is to use without any trouble.

Musicdownload Zone which was established in 2019 has gained a lot of attention and has been used by millions of people worldwide.

Musicdownload Zone is free to use and anybody can make use of this site.

Musicdownload Zone Official Site?

There are a few sites that go with the name Musicdownload Zone but you must make sure you visit the official website of Musicdownload Zone for downloading the media or else other fake sites might affect your site with viruses or you might have problems while downloading the media.

So the official site of Musicdownload Zone is

Is Musicdownload Zone Safe?

Well, now let’s come to our main topic i.e whether Musicdownload Zone is safe or not. 

Let me get straight to the point. Yes, Musicdownload Zone is safe but there is something that you need to be aware of.

When you click on the download button, sometimes you might be redirected to different site which will look irrelevant and suspicious. But nothing to worry about, you just have to close that window ASAP and you are all good.

Also make sure when you are redirected to a different site just donot click anything on that third party site.

Just follow the above things which I have mentioned and Musicdownload Zone will be very safe for you. Inside the Musicdownload Zone there are no ads and everything is safe!

How to Use Musicdownload Zone?

Now that we know Musicdownload Zone is safe, let’s check out how to make use of Musicdownload Zone for downloading videos and music.

Below are the step by step guide for making use of the same.

First visit the official website of Musicdownload Zone and below is how the home page of Musicdownload Zone looks like.

Once you are on the home page, you’ll find a search box where it says for you to search for keywords or to paste your link in that search box in order to download your media.

For this example, let’s consider heat waves songs and enter the heat waves keyword in the search box, and hit the search button.

Once you have done that, you’ll find below results from Musicdownload Zone where youll be shown different results for you to download the media.

Select the one that you wish to download and click on it. We are going to select the 2nd option for this example.

Once you click on the media that you want to download, a new tab will open where youll be given media format options to download.

For this, we would like to download the mp3 music of heat waves so we have selected mp3 320kbps.

Once you have selected the format that you wish to download, click on convert. If you had selected mp4 format you could directly download the video.

Once you click on convert, Musicdownload Zone will take a few seconds (max 10 seconds) to convert your media. Once it is converted you’ll find 3 options as shown below which includes Dropbox, QR code, and download.

As we want to download, click on the download button and Musicdownload Zone will begin downloading your media in just a few seconds.

That’s how you make use of Musicdownload Zone. Simple and easy!

Musicdownload Zone Chrome Extension

Yes, Musicdownload Zone even has a chrome extension that is available to everyone. So, how to download Musicdownload Zone chrome extension? Check the below steps.

On the home page of Musicdownload Zone, in the top menu youll see a option called chrome extension. Click on it.

Once you click on it, Musicdownload Zone will open a new page where you’ll see a button with blue color background as shown below. Click on it and it will take you to the chrome web store.

Musicdownload Zone’s chrome extension name is Free Music Downloader. On the chrome web store click on add to chrome to make use of the chrome extension offered by

Well, that’s all. You have successfully installed the chrome extension of Musicdownload Zone.

Features of Musicdownload Zone

Below are some very good features of Musicdownload Zone.

Free and unlimited

Musicdownload Zone is completely free forever until the website is live. So there is no way in future that they are going to charge you to use their website. You can convert as many media as you want without any limits.

Compatible on any platform

Musicdownload Zone is completely compatible with any device may it be a mobile, laptop, or any other.

Quick Download

Musicdownload Zone is quick to download the videos and music you like without any distractions in between.

Search with keywords or paste the link

Musicdownload Zone gives you the option to search for the videos or audios by typing the keywords in the search box or you can directly paste the link that you found on social media platforms for example Youtube.

Download from multiple platforms

Musicdownload Zone says that you can download videos from 1000+ video sites. Not sure how many sites Musicdownload Zone supports but it does the downloading from the major popular sites.

QR code option

If you are using Musicdownload Zone from your laptop and wish to have the media to be downloaded to your mobile device then Musicdownload Zone makes it simple by giving a QR code option.

You can use any QR scanner on your mobile and use it at the time of downloding the media from the Musicdownload Zone site and the media will be directly downloaded on your mobo device.


Musicdownload Zone is a really good and safe site for downloading all your favorite media files. We hope you came to know how to make use of Musicdownload Zone and if there is anything that you would like to know, let us know in the comments!

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