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POCO Company Belongs To Which Country? Is it a China Brand?

POCO, every person with a low budget would be very familiar with this brand and smartphone and they provide pretty good smartphones as well.

So you thought of buying a POCO smartphone but then just wanted to check POCO belongs to which country then you are in the right place.

Because we shall let you know POCO belongs to which country as well as why POCO can be a great budget-friendly smartphone!

Poco Company Belongs To Which Country?

POCO is a smartphone company that was founded in 2018. The company POCO  is based in China and it belongs to the Chinese country. It manufactures smartphones that run on the Android operating system. 

POCO is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, one of the largest smartphone companies in the world.

POCO’s smartphones are known for their powerful specifications and low price tags. The company’s flagship device, the POCO F1, was launched in August 2018 and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. 

The POCO F1 also has a 6.18-inch display, dual rear cameras, and a 4,000 mAh battery.

POCO has plans to expand its business to many other countries in the near future. The company is currently working on launching a new smartphone in India. 

POCO is also reportedly working on a new smartwatch that is expected to be launched in 2022. Also in the year 2022, POCO will be launching a new set of POCO 5G phones by the end of this year.

POCO is a good brand because it offers smartphones with powerful specifications at low price tags.

Are POCO Phones Safe?

POCO phones are safe to use. The company takes security and privacy seriously, and all POCO devices come with built-in security features that protect your data.

Are POCO and Redmi Same?

POCO and Redmi are two different brands. POCO is a subsidiary of Xiaomi, while Redmi is an independent brand. 

Both brands offer smartphones with similar specifications and features, but POCO devices are typically more affordably priced.

Is POCO an Indian Brand?

The query “Is POCO an Indian brand?” is the first thing that comes to most people’s thoughts. There is some manufacturing done in India for POCO phones, but not all of it. 

There are a total of seven manufacturing plants in India that belong to Xiaomi, which enables the company to manufacture three smartphones every single second.

The Bottom Line!

POCO is a good brand for anyone looking for a powerful and affordable smartphone. The company offers a wide range of devices that are suitable for different budgets and needs. 

POCO is also committed to providing the latest security and privacy features to keep your data safe.

Hope we have made it clear that POCO is a Chinese brand and don’t get fooled by people who say POCO is an Indian brand because it isn’t!

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