Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Restaurant denies entry to actor Russell Crowe, girlfriend over clothes in Australia

Famous Hollywood actor Russell Crowe and his girlfriend Britney Theriot were recently denied entry to a popular Melbourne restaurant, ‘Mr Miyagi’, due to their clothing not meeting the establishment’s “smart casual” dress code. The couple had decided to grab a bite to eat at the restaurant following a game of tennis, but unfortunately, they were turned away at the door.

The incident has caused quite a stir, with many people taking to social media to express their opinions on the situation. While some have defended the restaurant’s dress code policy, others have criticised it as being overly strict.

According to reports, Crowe was dressed in a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, while Theriot was wearing a tennis skirt. However, despite their high-end attire, the couple was still refused entry.

Mr Miyagi is well-known for its fusion Japanese cuisine and is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The dress code policy is prominently displayed on the restaurant’s website and states that “smart casual” attire is required. This typically includes items such as collared shirts, dress pants, and closed-toe shoes for men, while women are advised to wear dresses or skirts with a smart top or blouse.

The incident has sparked a debate about dress codes in restaurants and whether they are necessary. Some argue that dress codes help to maintain a certain level of decorum and make the dining experience more enjoyable for all customers. Others believe that they are outdated and exclude people based on their appearance, rather than their ability to pay for a meal.

Meanwhile, Mr Miyagi has stood by its dress code policy, stating that it is in place to ensure a “pleasant and comfortable dining experience” for all customers. The restaurant has also received support from some customers who appreciate the policy and feel that it adds to the overall ambiance of the establishment.

Crowe has not yet commented on the incident, but it is clear that the dress code policy has caused quite a bit of controversy. Whether or not the policy will be revised or if other restaurants will follow suit remains to be seen. For now, the incident has served as a reminder that dressing appropriately for a meal out is still important to some establishments.