Salil Zaveri Net Worth 2022 | How Much Does Salil Zaveri Make?

Salil Zaveri is an American businessman who is the founder of Zaveri Consulting LLC.

Salil Zaveri is also the current CEO of Zaveri Consulting. Salil Zaveri is a sales and marketing professional with more than 40 years of experience.

This article will look into Salil Zaveri’s net worth and the incident that happened that gained public attention.

Salil Zaveri Education and Business Life

In 1960, Zaveri was born in Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. In 1969, he relocated to New York City and began his career in the year 1978, and moved to Puerto Rico in 2015.

Salil Zaveri completed his primary school at Garden High School in India and then did his high school at Windsor high school in California.

Salil Zaveri had a lot of experience in sales and marketing before he started his own firm.

Zaveri had worked as an agent in Northwestern Mutual for almost 10 years in New York City. Zaveri had also worked as a general manager at Metlife Life Insurance company.

Salil Zaveri then started his own company named  Zaveri Consulting LLC in 2016 which provides various consulting services such as increasing sales and profits, insurance optimization, and more.

Salil Zaveri Dog Case

In Puerto Rico, Salil Zaveri was arrested by police and charged with animal cruelty. On the golf course, he allegedly shot a dog. News says that the dog ran to the field and snatched a golf ball. When Salil Zaveri was on the golf course, he shot the dog 2 times. After that, he put the golf ball in the hole and shot the dog again.

Salil Zaveri had to face a jail term and was freed on a $60,000 bail, but his passport and driving license had been taken as a result of the arrest.

However, Salil Zaveri had posted this on linkedin and explained what had actually happened that made him to shoot the dog.

And that’s how he became known and the public came to know about Salil Zaveri. Salil Zaveri has been very successful as a businessman in terms of sales and marketing.

You may find information on insurance, fundraising, and sales in the videos he has posted on his website. Salil Zaveri says that most of his prospective customers are interested in working with him in the insurance consulting sector.

Salil Zaveri Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Salil Zaveri Net Worth is estimated to be at least $2 Million dollars as he owns his own company.

His net worth comes from his overall experience of working in different insurance companies and also from his own company with which he is actively working on to grow it.

Thoughts on Salil Zaveri

Salil Zaveri is a good businessman but one needs to be careful and act smartly in public as Salil Zaveri’s dog incident got him into some problems.

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