Tips For Managing Remote Teams And Offices In Easy Steps

Woah! What a time the Covid pandemic has gifted us! Even though one side is too painful to lose loved ones, the other side always gives you some hope to survive. Work from the office has been dominated by Work from Home – The one that we normally term a Remote Job! 

Many still think that working from home or a remote job is heavenly because you no longer need to go through the office commutation, hectic traffic, tiresome day after day travel, and more. 

With remote jobs, you get the freedom to work in a flexible mode, spend quality time with your family and loved ones, work more productively, and a lot more. This is enjoyable for all those who have already gotten used to it. 

But imagine if someone is new to this? 

This transition would take its own sweet time because you cannot do face-to-face interactions as you would do when at the office; monitoring and getting the tasks executed on time all become a big problem if not managed properly.

Let us put it as simply as this. A leader or a manager is bound to manage your team for better productivity and efficient work management to deliver the best outputs for business growth. Whether remote or office, the responsibility remains the same – think, plan, strategize, execute, and deliver. 

Let us look into some of the simple tips that would help you manage your remote workplace – make it a better one to grow your business.

7 Tips to manage your Remote Workplace better

#1 Create a well defined Business Process  

#2 Daily and Weekly Stand up meetings with your team 

#3 Focus on the outcomes, not the number of deliverables 

#4 Always encourage social interactions remotely

#5 It’s not about managing. It’s all about mentoring. 

#6 Ensure the transparency in communication and collaboration 

#7 Rely on the Right Project Management Software 

#1 Create a well defined Business Process  

Imagine when in the office, you get to roam around at office desks and gather information on how a particular work is being done. In the case of remote, it is not possible. 

The only possible and the best way to ensure the deliverables is to have well-defined procedures for every task so that even a newbie can easily grasp what to do and how to get the result. A quick tip to the result-oriented strategy. 

The need for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will be the most efficient thing that you can invest in your business for remote work culture. 

#2 Daily and Weekly Stand up meetings with your team 

Stand-up meetings are important to get you the results on a day-to-day basis. Daily and weekly meetings to better monitor and track the project status.  

#3 Focus on the outcomes, not the number of deliverables 

Your team members must only focus on the deliverables and not on the number of activities they do per day. The results matter the most, and the activities you do to get the results are the backend works that contribute to the success.  

#4 Always encourage social interactions remotely

Encourage a social culture where you are. A perfect combination of socialism in business ethics will take a long way. 

#5 It’s not about managing; it’s all about mentoring 

Mentoring and managing make a big difference. Mentoring is a way of giving them knowledge and making them move forward. Help your peers achieve what they want – and groom them to become better leaders. 

#6 Ensure the transparency in communication and collaboration 

Communication is essential for all! If you have no transparency in what you communicate, there is no use in managing the project. 

Every team member involved in the project should be aware of what’s happening and where it is heading. Maintaining clear communication and collaboration is key to the project’s success, especially when you are in a remote workplace. 

#7 Rely on the Right Project Management Software  

Last but not least, this is a very important tip that is recommended for all businesses without a doubt. The significance of Project Management software is inevitable when setting up a digital workspace. 

There are a huge number of tools out there that can help you! Yoroflow is one among them – once you have it, the rest is all the success path you can take. Some of the highlights that you can look forward to in Yoroflow include: 

Yoroflow digital workplace: Get into the world-class virtual workplace and rock on! 

Workflow automation: No more challenging manual world and delayed actions. Set up a workflow on how you want to work, and rest assured. 

Task management tools: You get a comfy set of task management that you can easily manage. Track and monitor the task cycle hassle-free. 

Team management and collaboration: Collaboration is key when it comes to project management. Team management software helps you achieve more and get a transparent work cycle. 

Project management: The best way to manage your project is here! It is a great project management software that you can rely on. And that is nothing less than Yoroflow! It is an excellent collaboration tool that you can utilize for your business. 

Yes, Working in a Remote Workspace is no more a matter of concern for you! The result of cumulative efforts that we put forth as a team, with the help of reliable project management software in place, will take us a long way forward.

Do you have anything to add? 

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