What Are The Top E-commerce Trends To Watch in 2022

As the technology keeps on getting advanced, the trends are constantly changing and it doesn’t matter which industry or market you belong into, if you aren’t keeping yourself up to date with the trends, then you are definitely lagging behind.

And as eCommerce is a highly competitive industry, if you just fall short in time in following the trends then no doubt your business will go down for good.

The change in environment, especially covid19 has made us all realize the importance of many things. So now, what are some of the top eCommerce trends to watch out in 2022? Let’s have a look one by one!

Top E-commerce Trends To Watch In 2022

Google Online Marketplace

If you are still thinking that google is just used for searching purposes then you must get your knowledge updated. 

Google is also a marketplace for many marketers. If you are having an eCommerce site, then you must take full advantage of google shopping. 

You must make sure that your site is well optimized for google shopping. If you don’t know how to optimize it, hire an SEO, and get the things done. 

This feature will definitely helpful for all those eCommerce stores that sell niche products. 

Your products will automatically show in the SERP(Search Engine Results Page) of Google shopping by incorporating your site with google shopping. 

A recent analysis conducted stated that google shopping can increase revenue by up to 17%!

You just have to register with google merchant center and you can get started with google shopping. But make sure your online store meets the advertisement requirements.

Marketing Through Influencers Will Be On The peak

So you might be thinking about how influencer marketing is the trend because it is already there in the industry for many years. 

The point you need to note here is that it influencer marketing will rise even higher. And it is one of the best ways to get more sales for your eCommerce business.

Most people follow the stars and celebrities on Instagram and they will do exactly what they recommend because some are too loyal fans of the celebrities. 

Instagram currently includes $1.8billion businesses on Instagram. So this will be the biggest factor to watch out for the eCommerce business owners!

Voice Search Is Gaining Popularity

It is predicted that by the end of 2025, 75% of US households will have a voice speaker. And nowadays the vast majority of people depend on google assistant and Alexa to save their time by typing.

So in the future, most people will make use of voice search to make a purchase. So with that said, as an eCommerce store owner, you must optimize your online store for voice searches.

Shopping Through Mobile

This is not a big trend but still, it is one of the areas to watch out for. It is predicted by the end of 2022, 75% of the eCommerce sales are going to take place from a mobile device. 

Even now, when ordering an item on Amazon, for example, most of us would generally book the item via Amazon mobile App because it is convenient and easy to use.

So you must make sure, your eCommerce site is well optimized for mobile devices. Make it mobile user friendly and even google gives more significance to mobile devices.

AR And VR Becoming More And More Common

Most consumers who make a purchase online are confused about the products they are going to buy. 

They are unable to make out whether it might be a good fit for them or not. Consumers would prefer to review the things before they can buy.

That’s where AR and VR come into the picture. It enables customers to virtually try on the products without bothering them. 

There are many companies that make use of AR to virtually try various eyeglasses before purchasing. This will have a delightful consumer experience!

Better Payment Options

This is the thing you need to look out for which most eCommerce businesses fail to utilize and therefore there will be less revenue. 

Most people who visit your store for the first time will never trust your online store until they buy a product from you and are satisfied.

So it is your duty to help your customers with different payment options. 

You can even make use of pay on delivery as some people won’t pay you online if they are making a big amount purchase. You must provide flexible payment options to your customers!

Ending Thoughts

These were some of the eCommerce trends to watch out in 2022. You need to follow the trend along with providing a great customer experience and the revenue will roll in!

A quick look at the eCommerce trends to watch out in 2022

  • Google Online Marketplace
  • Marketing through influencers will be at the peak
  • Voice search is gaining popularity
  • Shopping through mobile
  • AR and VR becoming more and more common
  • Better payment options

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