TWDown (2022) | How To Use TWDown to Download Twitter Videos?

Did you know?

“Every day Twitter considers around 2 billion video views”. So you see Twitter is not just a 280 words text platform but also videos on Twitter are quite popular.

People watching videos on Twitter might want to download those videos and save it offline. 

But Twitter or any other social media platforms doesn’t give this option to directly download videos from their platforms and save it offline on your laptop or smartphone.

So that’s when third-party tools or software come in handy. So to download Twitter videos, one of the best tools out there in the market is TWDown Twitter video downloader.

What is TWDown?

As already mentioned, TWDown is a tool to download Twitter videos. TWDown makes it very simple to download and save your Twitter videos. 

Not just download the Twitter videos but you will also be able to convert the videos into mp3.

TWDown is also one of the fastest ways to download Twitter videos because it is powered by a powerful server.

How to use TWDown?

So how do we use TWDown to download Twitter videos? Let’s check it out, step by step.

Step one:

Let’s say you came across a video on Twitter while scrolling on Twitter. For this, we will take the example of the below video as shown in the image.

How to use TWDown?

At the bottom of that video click on the Share button as shown in the above image.

Step two:

Once you click on it, you’ll see 4 options as shown in the below image.

How to use TWDown?

Out of those 4 options click on “copy link to tweet” as shown in the image. When you click on it, your Twitter video link will be copied to your clipboard.

Step three

Now go to the TWDown website and paste the link that you just copied in the “enter video link” bar and hit download.

TWDown website

Step four:

Now you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll find options to download the Twitter video in various qualities as per your need. 

You’ll also find the option to convert the video into mp3 format.

You can see a page just like the below image:


Step five:

Now click on any of the download options for video and you’ll be taken to a new tab as shown below. 

(Note: If you want to download the mp3 format then it will be downloaded right away)

twdown downloader

Step six

Now you have to click on the 3 dots which is shown in the previous image. When you click on it you’ll find 2 options. 

You just have to click on the download option and your Twitter video will start downloading.

twdown net download

That is it. You have successfully downloaded the Twitter video with the help of the TWDown tool.

Is TWDown Safe?

Yes, TWDown is absolutely safe and secure. You need to worry about your data being misused when using TWDown to download Twitter videos.

And when coming to the ads displayed on TWDown, you can see all ads will be related to business and isn’t be any kind of adult-related or dangerous ads that would affect your site.

So that concluded TWDown is safe to use and won’t harm your site or use your data in any manner.

How Does TWDown Make Money?

You may ask if TWDown is free to use to download Twitter videos, how does TWDown even make money?

Well, you might have seen google ads here and there when you are on the TWDown website. Well, that’s how TWDown makes money.

Is TWDown safe?

TWDown places ads on their website and it generates revenue from that. 

Ads are the only source of income for TWDown and it’s the only way through which it makes money to keep the website live and provide you the free service of downloading Twitter videos.

How does TWDown make money?

Final Thoughts

TWDown is the best tool out there to download Twitter videos super fast with simple to use interface.

If you are worried about how can you downlaod twitter videos then just go to TWDown, paste the Twitter video link and you are all set to download the video.

Hope from this article you came to know what is TWDown and how to use TWDown net to download Twitter videos.

Quick FAQ’s

What is TWDown

TWDown is a software or tool which is used to download Twitter videos 

Is TWDown free to use?

Yes, TWDown is absolutely free to use

Is TWDown safe and secure?

Yes, it’s perfectly safe to use this tool

How to use TWDown?

Just copy and paste the Twitter video link on TWDown to download videos

How does TWDown make money?

By implementing ads on their website, they make their money

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