Aindrila Sharma, a popular actress from Bengal, passed away on Sunday at a facility in Kolkata.

Aindrila Sharma had multiple cardiac arrests earlier this week and was in the hospital being treated for her condition.

Following a brain stroke that she experienced on November 1st, Aindrila was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Actress Aindrila was only 24 years old

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Love never die ....they teaches us ...they are inspired us ...miss you Aindrilla  ....Sabyasachi no words for you and your loss ...

The girl was suffering a lot, she will always remain in our hearts, today and wherever she is, may she rest in peace, she is a real fighter. RIP.

The news is really painful. It is really hard to accept this reality. May Aindrila be well wherever she is. May his soul rest in peace

In this way, someday I will write RIP to Aindrila. I never thought I would miss you so much, but your heart's work will remain in the heart of my heart forever.

I was very sad to hear the news. I couldn't imagine that she would pass away at such a young age. I can't believe that Aindrila is no more in this world.