The blue jay is a species of bird that is indigenous to North America. Its range extends all the way to Central America in the south and all the way up to Canada in the north.

The blue jay is a bird that is shrouded in mystery and has characteristics that are very distinct from those of the majority of other bird species.

The feathers of a blue jay, despite their name, are really brown in color, despite their appearance of being blue.

Blue jays, both male and female, have the same coloration. making it impossible to tell whether they are male or female by their appearance alone.

However, blue jays that survive in the wild have an average lifespan of between five and seven years.

Even though it is not the official bird of any US state, the blue jay is often included in the emblems of several sporting organizations.

Blue jays are capable of producing loud screeches and cries that not only sound like hawks and cats, but also like people.

Birds known as blue jays have a maximum lifespan of seven years in the wild and up to 26 years when kept as pets.

The blue jay is a bird with a variety of skills, and it will never cease to amaze and captivate us.