Prize money for the champions of the Twenty20 World Cup in 2022 has been revealed.

whereas those who come in second will still take home with $800,000

Each of the two semi-finalists that were eliminated will get $400,000 as their share of the prize money.

A total of $5.6 million will be set up for the competition, and this money will be split among the 16 teams who will be taking part in it.

There will be 45 matches played throughout the tournament

Each of the eight teams who are eliminated before reaching the Super 12 round will get $70,000.

A victory in any of the 30 games that make up the Super 12 phase will earn $40,000 in prize money.

The ICC Men's Twenty20 World Cup will be played in Australia for the very first time this year.

The ICC mens t20 world cup is set to take place between 16 Oct - 13 Nov