The well-known YouTuber who goes by the youtube channel named "Dream" now shared his real name and appearance.

His youtube channel has more than 30M subscribers

All his videos are related to Minecraft and he gets millions of views per  video

The youtuber introduced his name as  clay but never told what his full name is!

Clay also shared a video on his youtube channel where he showed his face for the first time to all his fans

In both 2020 and 2021, clay was honored with YouTube's Streamy award for gaming.

Dream had started his youtube channel in the year 2014 and has uploaded 111 videos to date!

Dream youtube channel has received a total of 2.7B video views to date.

Dream youtuber is from united states and is ranked 37th position in USA

Dream youtuber is born on 1999 and as of 2022, clay is 23 years old.

Dream youtuber net worth as of 2022 is expected to be more than 10 million dollars

Clay currently lives in Orlando, Florida.

Dream's popularity comes from the quality of his videos and his crazy editing skills

Dream youtuber fans got really excited after seeing his real face and name!