Useful WhatsApp Sender Tools for your Business

WhatsApp was not a popular marketing tool some years back. As a result, many marketers excluded it in their social media strategy, which had Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. However, today businesses have realized that WhatsApp is equally important and useful for their marketing campaign.

WhatsApp Business is a version that was specifically designed for small businesses. The application helps them to connect with their customers. In fact, it allows your business to offer personalized customer service and immediately respond to their queries.

Therefore adding a WhatsApp Business account to your social media strategy is a good idea. So then, let’s review tips and tools to use WhatsApp for business.

Tips on How to Use WhatsApp for Business

Install WhatsApp Business App

Some companies opt to use WhatsApp to communicate with their employees. However, WhatsApp is an excellent tool to engage with your customers as well. Therefore install a WhatsApp Business app on your computer or smartphone.

Fill out all your business details so that your customers can see information about your business. This will make it easy to engage with you whenever they need certain information about your products and services. You can also integrate it with WhatsApp Web Sender tools to enhance its abilities and features.

Status Feature

The feature gives you a low-key way to interact with customers. You can use WhatsApp Status to post your products, announce temporary discounts or promote flash sales. Still, you can post a video of your office to give your customer a feel about your company’s culture.

Status lasts only 24 hours, but they keep your customers informed about your company. In fact, such content keeps your contacts excited about your company and its products or services.

Broadcast Feature

The broadcast feature enables you to send bulk messages to multiple people. These messengers appear like a normal message to the receiver and can’t see other recipients.

You can use Broadcast to send messages to numbers saved on the contact list. Actually, you can create severally broadcast lists of 256 contacts on the WhatsApp marketing chrome extension on your computer. Then regularly send them content about your brand and its products.


You can set up away messages or greetings to a new customer or to the one that sends your business a message for the first time. It can also send messages after 14 days of inactivity. The automated response makes your customers feel appreciated and notifies them when to expect an answer.

Additionally, the Chabot on WhatsApp can handle repetitive questions about your business as your team handles complex issues. In fact, you don’t have to keep your eyes glued to your WhatsApp business account because the automated responses will do the work.

Useful WhatsApp Business Tools

WA Sender

The WhatsApp web sender tool is the perfect tool for automating your marketing campaigns on WhatsApp. It’s a WhatsApp marketing chrome extension that helps you send messages to multiple people in your contact list.

It’s easy to use WA web sender because you just upload a CSV, choose numbers from the extension, and then send messages to the selected or all numbers in the list. You can download your WA web messenger and start using it right away


The tool allows you to create a customizable broadcast list, send bulk messages to your business contacts, and run polls. Using this WhatsApp marketing tool, you can build an eCommerce store and manage a sales pipeline.

Further, Veepar has autoresponder templates that allow you to automate greetings, welcome, and goodbye messages. You can also create, monitor, and schedule a WhatsApp marketing campaign using this tool.


The WhatsApp application enables you to automate and send bulk WhatsApp messages in multiple languages. These messages can be in the form of images, videos, documents, or PDFs.

Additionally, you can personalize the messages with greetings and the receiver’s name. You will get a free WordPress Plugin when you use the WhatSo WhatsApp marketing chrome extension to send bulk WhatsApp messages and text messages.


WhatsApp is an excellent tool for marketing your brand and its products or services to your customers. The development of WhatsApp Business sender tools enables small businesses to automate and add WhatsApp to their social media strategy.

Many marketers have applied the featured tips and tools to use WhatsApp for business and reported great improvement in their interactions with their customers. You can also share with us which of these features and tools is the most effective in your business.

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