Will Retail Stores Be Replaced By E-commerce Entirely?

No doubt the internet and technology have changed our lives in many better ways. But there are a few sectors, where things are quite different. 

The rise of eCommerce has been absolutely great which has definitely made many things far accessible. 

There is no doubt that physical stores are being overtaken by the online stores because of the flexibility and convenience that online store provides to the customers.

Though there are concerns about this might have an effect on other parts of retail such as street stores. Can it have the effect? Well, let’s have a look at it.

Can Online Stores Replace Physical Stores?

1. Variety

One of the main advantages of eCommerce is that the speed you can jump from one site to another. 

For example, if you are shopping for let’s say puma shoes in a particular store and if you dint like those options then in a matter of seconds you can jump to another site to look out for a better option.

So if you are in a retail store, you just cannot appear in another store instantly, or can you?

2. Accessible

Ecommerce is something that can be easily accessed as it is available all the time. It doesn’t matter what time, whether it’s in the early morning or in midnight you can place your order. 

But you also need to understand that few people don’t have access to smartphones and not aware of how to order through an eCommerce site.

3. Entrepreneurs

For someone who is looking out to start their own business or to become entrepreneurs, eCommerce is an easy choice for them. 

There are many platforms out there which can help you to set up your eCommerce platform with ease. Opening up a retail store is riskier and also costly heavy for rent and other stuffs.

4. Innovation

The reason why few people don’t order through eCommerce site is mainly because they cannot have the luxury of look and feel of the item they want to buy. 

As humans like to visually analyze things and then make a decision. But to cope with this, technology is always there. 

The developments in the augmented reality is helping people to get a more visual idea of the products they are going to purchase.

5. Future

If you are wondering if the offline retail store will vanish from the industry, then it would be unlikely that it would happen anytime soon. 

But eCommerce stores are giving equal competition to them. One must understand that shopping in brick and mortar shops gives a different experience to that of eCommerce stores. 

The future is unpredictable but still according to the industry experts, eCommerce will be booming in the upcoming years


A quick look at the points why eCommerce is booming in the industry:

  • The variety that eCommerce offers
  • Ecommerce is easily accessible
  • Easy business to start for entrepreneurs
  • Ecommerce is getting innovative with technology
  • Future holds bright for the eCommerce industry

The bottom line is that eCommerce might not be the immediate future of retail but it is growing in a rapid phase and you shouldn’t be surprised if retail stores are completely replaced by eCommerce stores in the near future! 

But to be honest, physical stores may not be completely replaced by online stores but they will partner with the online shopping sites to grow their business.

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