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Y2mate (2022)|What is Y2mate and How To Use It? [Explained In Detail]

Y2mate is a simple to use the platform to download videos and audios from various websites.

You just have to copy and paste the links that you wish to download on Y2mate’s search bar and you are all set to download the videos that you want.

Youtube is the biggest platform for video entertainment and there is no second thought in that. But as you already know youtube doesn’t allow you to download videos and save it on your mobile or else you wouldn’t be here.

With Y2mate you can download any kind of youtube videos that you want and it’s not just youtube you can also download videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, Youku, etc.

Is it free to download videos from Y2mate?

Yes, it’s absolutely free to copy-paste the link and download the videos from Y2mate. And there is no need of paying a single penny for it. It’s all free. But you may ask what’s the catch right? Let’s get into that later.

How To Use Y2mate To download Youtube videos?

Now let’s check on detailed steps on how to use Y2mate. It’s very simple. Let’s jump into the steps for downloading videos from Y2mate. 

Step one:

Search the video that you wish to download on youtube. Let me consider the example of “what makes you beautiful” song from “one direction”. Just search for that song in youtube and then copy that video’s URL as shown in the image below.


Step 2:

So now once you have the link go to and then paste the link that you just copied into the Y2mate website.

Once you have done that, you’ll see this below interface in Y2mate where you get options to download the video in whichever resolution that you want to. 

You can also download the audio format in whichever bitrate you wish to. 

y2mate audio converter

Note: Quality improves with the increase in bitrate. So prefer downloading the audio in 320kbps.

Or if you want to download the video/audio directly from youtube, you can do that as well. 

You just have to enter “pp” after the word “youtube” in the youtube URL that you want to download.

y2mate video downloader

After entering pp click enter and it will take you to the Y2mate website where you will be able to download the audio/video in your preferred format.

Method 2

You can download the videos of your choice without even going to youtube and then copying the link and pasting it in Y2mate. 

Y2mate also offers a search bar option where you can search for the videos that you wish to download. 

Just type the search for the video that you want to download or if you don’t know the exact name of the video, just type any word which is related to your video, and Y2mate’s AI will automatically start giving suggestions for the video that you might be looking for.

Check the below image where I just typed “Weeknd” and it started showing suggestions!

cool feature of Y2mate

This is a cool feature of Y2mate.

Best Features of Y2mate

Free Download

With Y2mate you can download the videos and audios for absolutely free and that too in just a matter of few clicks. No hard work to download any app or software.

Download both audio and video

You don’t have to go to any other platform to download the video or audio format. In Y2mate itself you get the option to download in both formats. 

Neither you have to use any dedicated software to convert the video file into an audio file.

No Registration

Many software or tools might ask you to signup and provide your information before you get access to download the files. 

But in Y2mate you don’t have to create any kind of registrations or sign-ups to download the files. This saves a good time and also few people might not be comfortable with registrations! 

No wait time

Some tools might ask you to watch an ad before you can download the videos. In Y2mate there is no such thing. 

You click, you download! Very fast and saves your precious time. Also download speed is great!


Y2mate is compatible and works absolutely fine with any browser that you might be using. May it be chrome, safari, firefox, or any other. It works just fine!

Many Formats Supported

With Y2mate, it’s very easy to convert any video files into MP3, 3gp, FLV, AVI, WMA, M4A, and many different formats are supported for the conversion. Y2mate supports all operating systems and mobile devices.

Language Support

If you don’t understand English very well or have tuff time reading the instructions then Y2mate also has several different language options so that you can easily navigate on Y2mate without wasting much of your time.

How to use Y2mate android apk to download video?

Y2mate also offers an android apk which you can simply install on your android phone. 

Y2mate downloader apk is like a mini youtube app where you just have to search the video you need to download and you’ll find a download option right below the video.

You just have to click on it and it will take it to the Y2mate website and in there you can download the file.

This Y2mate android apk is pretty handy to use and even while using Y2mate you don’t have to sign up or register to use the app.

And moreover, with Y2mate app, you can download multiple videos at a time and don’t have to wait for one video to finish the download.

Y2mate app is not available on playstore due to Google’s policies, so you can only download the apk from the Y2mate website.

Is Y2mate Safe to use?

Many people ask this question whether y2mate is safe or not. I believe Y2mate is absolutely safe to use as you don’t have to register and provide any of your useful data such as email id, phone number, birth date, etc.

Is Y2mate Safe to use?

So don’t worry about that, it’s very safe to use the Y2mate website or the Y2mate android apk.

Y2mate is virus-free but the ads displayed on their site might cause you problems. So try not to click on any ads and if you do be aware of the actions you take from those sites.

How to install Y2mate chrome extension

Y2mate simplifies the process even further by making use of the Y2mate chrome extension. 

To install the Y2mate chrome extension first you need to add Tampermonkey to your chrome extension. 

How to install Y2mate chrome extension

Click on add to chrome and once you have done that go to the Y2mate website ( here ) and click on the install now button which will then open an interface like shown in the image below.

Now just click on install which will then give you a download option on youtube right before the like button (just like shown in the below image)

 install Y2mate chrome extension

If you like to download any videos you just have to click on it and it will take you to the Y2mate website. 

How Y2mate make money?

So now coming to the catch part which we said at the beginning of this article. If Y2mate is free how does it make money right?

Well, Y2mate makes a lot of money from advertisements. When you visit the Y2mate site you’ll see a lot of advertisements popping up while you navigate through the site.

You’ll find ads like below on the homepage and also on other pages of the Y2mate website.

How Y2mate make money?

You can find ads on the download page as shown below.

How does Y2mate make money

Even when you click on the download option you’ll be redirected to a new website in a  new window where they have a partnership with other sites. And when you signup for their services, Y2mate will get paid a certain amount.

how y2mate generates money

So you see Y2mate might be free for you to use but they are making a lot of money through advertisements. Whenever you intentionally or unintentionally click on their ads, they are paid.

How to disable push notification ads from Y2mate

Ads are absolutely annoying. No matter which platform you use, whether it’s video streaming or music streaming people just hate ads when they are watching or listening to their favorite things.

Even in the case of Y2mate, ads can be very distracting as its being popped up everywhere. And kind of ads shown on Y2mate might not be so appealing, so may want to remove those from showing it to you.

Ads can be malicious as well, so just try to avoid clicking on ads as much as possible.

If you by mistake clicked on allow push notifications from Y2mate then here are quick steps to disable Y2mate push ads in chrome browser:

1. Just open your chrome browser and click on the 3 dots on the top right corner.

2. Now click settings from the drop-down option.

3. Now in the search settings search bar, type notifications and hit enter.

How to disable push notification ads from Y2mate

4. Now go to site settings and in the permissions section you’ll find notifications and then click on it.

disable y2mate ads

5. Now in the search bar, type Y2mate and hit enter

6. Now click on 3 dots next to the Y2mate site and select block.

disable y2mate push ads

That’s it, you have successfully blocked push ads from Y2mate.

Final Thoughts

Millions of users make use of the Y2mate website every single month for downloading videos and audios, especially from youtube. 

I have personally used Y2mate and I must say it’s great except for the annoying ads! So feel free to use Y2mate.

Quick FAQ’s

What is Y2mate?

Y2mate is a video and audio downloader website from many different sites

is y2mate safe?

The website is clear of viruses. Just make sure not to click on ads as it might cause you trouble. So yes, is y2mate safe!

Is Using Y2mate Legal?

Yes as long as you use the downloaded videos for personal use. Using it for commercial purposes will result in violating terms and copyright issues.

Is Y2mate free to use?

Yes, Y2mate is absolutely free to use and there are no hidden charges

Is registration required to download videos via Y2mate?

No, there is absolutely no sign-up or registration needed

How does Y2mate make money?

Y2mate makes money from displaying ads on its website

Hope from this article you came to know what is Y2mate and how you can use it to download video and audio files.

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