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High Risk Merchant Account At Highriskpay.Com (Examples and Success Stories)

You’ve launched your dream business, and it’s everything you’ve ever wanted – except for one little hiccup. You’ve been labeled a “high-risk merchant.” Ouch. 

That stings, doesn’t it? But worry not! It’s not the end of the world. Actually, it might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you and 

These guys are lifesavers when you’re wading through the high-risk pool. Let’s dive in and untangle this whole high-risk merchant account puzzle together, shall we?

What’s the Deal with “High-Risk” Anyway?

First off, let’s chat about what “high-risk” actually means. In the land of credit card processing, companies (like banks) that do the behind-the-scenes magic of moving money around during sales are super wary of risk. 

They’re like cats around water. They don’t want to deal with businesses that might, for any reason, see more chargebacks (which are refunds forced by the customer’s bank – a real pain in the neck!).

Some sectors are notorious for high chargeback rates or have a higher chance of credit card fraud. We’re talking about businesses like online gambling, adult entertainment, and even e-cigarettes. 

Sometimes, it’s not what you’re selling but how you’re selling it. Selling things to folks online or over the phone where you don’t swipe their card physically? Yeah, that can spook these companies too. to the Rescue!

Enter, like a superhero swooping in! These folks specialize in working with businesses that make traditional money-moving companies nervous. 

They’re like that one friend everyone needs – the one who’s not afraid to walk with you in the dark. They provide merchant accounts to high-risk businesses. Basically, they set you up to accept credit card payments and make sure the cash gets from the customer to you.

Why Choose Let’s Count the Reasons!

Understanding Your Struggle: They get it. They know you’re not the bad guy, just a business in a risky sector. So, they’re more understanding of your situation.

Preventing Chargebacks: They’ve got tools to help you lower those pesky chargebacks. It’s like having a shield against those unexpected arrows!

Global Reach: Selling internationally? No problemo! is down with that.

Multiple Payment Methods: Credit cards, electronic checks, and even the trendy digital currencies – you can accept them all.

Security: These folks take safety seriously, helping protect you from those internet thieves.

Walking Through the Signup Process 

Okay, so you’re sold on giving a try. What’s next? Signing up! And guess what? It’s as easy as pie. Here’s your step-by-step guide:

Application Bonanza: Head over to and fill out their application. This part is free – yup, you heard right, no cash needed!

Document Roundup: Gather up some necessary papers (ID, bank letters, past processing statements, etc.). It’s like homework, but for your business.

Waiting Game: They’ll review your stuff, which takes a bit of time. They’re thorough, so no half-baked applications get through.

Setup Time: Once approved, you’ll set everything up with their team’s help. They won’t leave you hanging!

Costs and Fees

Alright, let’s not beat around the bush. What’s it gonna cost you? High-risk merchant accounts can be pricier than regular ones because of, well, the risk. tries to keep things affordable, but here are some fees you might encounter:

Set-Up Fee: Some providers charge this one-time fee to get things rolling.

Monthly Fee: Think of it as a subscription to their services.

Transaction Fees: A little bit of each sale, like paying commission to a salesperson.

Reserve Fees: A safety net of sorts. They hold a portion of your funds in case of those dreaded chargebacks.

Fee TypeWhat’s It For?Approximate Cost ($)
Set-Up FeeGetting all set up with their service0 – 100
Monthly FeeRegular cost to keep things running smoothly10 – 100
Transaction FeesA piece of each transactionVaries per transaction
Reserve FeesEmergency fund for chargebacks and disputesDepends on your sales

Examples and Success Stories 

Don’t take my word for it! has tons of happy customer stories from folks who thought they were stuck without a paddle. Like Sandra, who runs an online CBD oil storefront. 

She was struggling with super-high fees and constant account freezes. got her sorted with stable processing and way lower fees.

Then there’s Raj, with a tech support business. He faced account terminations because of his industry’s reputation. Our pals at got him back in the game with secure, reliable payment processing.

Wrapping Up!!

Being high-risk isn’t a curse. It’s just a bump in the entrepreneurial road. With a partner like, you’re ready to take on the world. They’ve got the tools, support, and understanding to help you navigate the choppy waters of high-risk industries.

Head over to and start your journey. Who knows? This might be the best business decision you’ve ever made! 

FAQs About high risk merchant account at

Can I get a high-risk merchant account if I’m a newbie business with no processing history?

Totally get the worry here! You’re just dipping your toes into the business world, and bam, you need a high-risk merchant account. Well, good news! doesn’t exclusively look at your past. They’re all about where you’re headed. 

So, even if you’re brand new and don’t have months and months of payment processing history to show off, they’ll still consider you. They take a peek at your business plan, your industry, and your financials to make their decision.

What happens if I get an excessive number of chargebacks?

Ah, the dreaded chargeback scenario. So, here’s the deal: if you start seeing a bunch of chargebacks piling up, it’s like red sirens going off. doesn’t just leave you in the lurch, though. 

They’ve got programs and tools to help you manage and even dispute chargebacks. But it’s super important to keep those chargebacks in check because if they keep growing, you could face some serious penalties or even a frozen account. It’s all about keeping that balance!

Do I need to sign a long-term contract with

Nobody likes feeling stuck, right? Well, with, you’re not locked into a lifelong commitment or anything. They do generally have a standard contract duration that you’ll need to agree to at the start. 

This isn’t just to make your life complicated, promise. It’s because high-risk accounts need a bit of stability and predictability. But they also get that things change, so if you’re ever in a tight spot or if your business needs shift, just chat with them. They’re pretty understanding folks.

Can I still accept recurring payments from customers with my high-risk account?

Subscription models, monthly donations, regular pamper-your-pet boxes – whatever your recurring payment needs are, has your back. You can totally accept recurring payments. 

They know it’s a popular business model (and super convenient for your customers). Just keep in mind, recurring payments can sometimes have a higher chance of chargebacks, so you’ll want to be extra clear with customers about when they’re getting charged and what for.

What’s the deal with multi-currency acceptance? Can I sell in other currencies?

Got dreams of being an international sensation? Well, is here for it. They allow you to accept multiple currencies, which means you can sell in, like, dollars, euros, pounds – you name it. 

It’s a big ol’ world out there, and they don’t want you to be limited. Just remember, dealing in multiple currencies can be a bit more complex when it comes to managing your books, and there might be additional fees involved, so you’ll want to be prepared for that.