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How to Start Amazon Easy Store Business in India?

Amazon is a leading and well-established eCommerce retailer. It has got a large presence in the Indian and global markets. This company holds a brief history of retail marketing. This tech giant has dominated the innovation of eCommerce.

Amazon Easy Store: Opening new doors for entrepreneurial ventures

The widespread closing of businesses and stores in India because of COVID-19 is unprecedented. Many factories, stores, and businesses were closed because of downward demand shifts. Many are on the verge of closure because of the inability to pay their expenses.

Amazon is now giving esteemed opportunities for brick-and mortars chains. It has a massive customer base. Hence, a good opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures that are expected to shutter.

Recently, an upgraded version- Amazon Easy Store was introduced. This is a new format that will integrate numerous services from one touchpoint.

Amazon has collaborated with many network partners for the Amazon Easy Store setup. With these partnerships, they are aiming to bring the experience of Amazon Easy to the customers.

The immense market power of this tech giant will make it a gatekeeper between the (Amazon Easy Store franchise)store owners and consumers. Hence, the shopkeeper can weaponize their business using this brand name to undermine their competitors.

Amazon Easy Store: Lower the barrier

The company plans to give a touch-and-feel experience of products to its customers through the Amazon Easy Store franchise. This is why they are associating with small stores or businesses in every location.

Consumers can also place an order through The store staff will assist them with their purchase. The consumer is given leverage for store pickup or getting their orders delivered to their place.

The Amazon Easy Store franchise can set up Amazon’s Easy Store under the last-mile delivery program. But they should hold the space to facilitate pickups and deliver the customer’s order in their area. Bengaluru’s Mahalakshmi layout is one and first of the Amazon Easy Store franchises.

Amazon Easy Store setup is an adoption of the vernacular path. This is especially for connection. Amazon Easy Store franchise’s stores will be equipped with better product and brand visibility. Hence, will develop trust and assurance for the consumers.

They will rely upon these stores for their purchase. This will in turn give earning potential. The store owners can earn great profits and commissions.

How to initiate Amazon Easy Store business?

Read ahead to find out how you can start an Amazon Easy Store business as an Amazon Easy Store franchise.

An example to get a clear picture:-

Maya runs a stationary shop in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. She contacts the network partner of Amazon for the Amazon Easy Store franchise. She already runs a store. Hence, she does not have to look for a separate shop for the Amazon Store business.


An esteemed network partner will ensure that she gets proper training. This will help her to set up an Amazon store business easily. It will be regarding the strategies, layouts, and tactics to run an Amazon Easy Store franchise.

Steps she needs to follow as an Amazon Easy Store franchise

Maya has to place Amazon banners in her shop. This will let the customers know that she is a trusted Amazon Easy Store franchise. They will rely on her more.

The outcome

Since she is associated with the network partner, she will earn by referring new clients. In addition, she will also earn revenue for each order placed by this new client of hers.

What steps you must follow for the Amazon Easy Store business?

The Amazon Great India Festival is around the corner. This is a great event for you to set up an Amazon Easy Store and earn great commissions and profits. Analysts claim that many consumers hold off on spending until the Amazon Great India Sale.


We are well aware the “SALE” sign presence increases sales. The discounts and offers available around the Amazon Great India Festival are keenly anticipated by some.

To start your Amazon Easy Store franchise:-

  1. Contact or an established Network Partner for the Amazon Easy Store setup.
  2. Apply for registration.
  3. Give all the necessary required to open the Amazon Easy Store franchise.
  4. Wait for the team to do their verification
  5. Once approved, you can set up an Amazon Easy Store business.

Make sure to use Amazon’s promotional materials in your store. Also, ensure to follow the training programs to run your store successfully.

Eligibility criteria to start an Amazon Store business

  1. Must be a minimum 10+2 class
  2. Aged between 18-45 years
  3. Store size should be a minimum of 200 sq. feet
  4. Should be able to carry out the marketing activities
  5. Should be proficient to operate computers

Why should you associate with Amazon’s Network Partner?

You are paving the new way with the Amazon Easy Store business. Hence, you need to have somebody who can guide and support you. They will branch out and help you while giving you complete freedom to run your business.

  • Built-in support system

You will be in touch with the associate of Amazon’s Network Partner. Since they are associated with other partners like you. They will hold the experience to scale you out of situations or challenges that you are in. They will share the best practices that you can do for your business.

This is not an error or trail proposition for them. Hence, it is better to get associated with the network partner. They will be enriched with a trained team who can give guidance.

  • Proper training

You may master one area but there would be other areas where you struggle or lack. An adept Amazon network partner will provide you with proper training in all areas. They will stay side by side to help you on top of your business.

  • Freedom with guidance

They will not intervene, and you can work for yourself. You can turn to them when in distress situations.

Final Thoughts!

We have covered most of the points on how to start an amazon easy store and if you still have any concerns then let us know in the comments section if you have any trouble setting up an Amazon easy store

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