Sunday, March 3, 2024

How to Delete Paytm History

This question has been frequently asked by all the Paytm users how they can delete the Paytm transaction history?

Straight answer: No! You can never delete a Paytm transaction history and there is no option in the Paytm to delete the Paytm history.

So, do not waste your time watching any videos or articles related to how you can delete the Paytm transaction history because you can’t!

You can find all your Paytm transaction history in the order section of the Paytm app but if you check anywhere over there Paytm hasn’t given any option to delete the transaction history.

Why there isn’t an option to delete Paytm history?

Paytm hasn’t given an option to delete the transaction history because of security reasons and they want to maintain what kind of transactions are being done with Paytm.

Also, when a Paytm user has issues with their transaction Paytm can look into their transaction details and solve the issues of their customers with ease!