Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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US media racist against whites: Musk as they drop ‘Dilbert’ comic

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and owner of Twitter, has accused the US media of being racist towards white people and Asians. This accusation follows the decision of several US newspapers to drop the ‘Dilbert’ comic strip from their editions after its creator, Scott Adams, was accused of racism.

In a tweet, Musk expressed his disappointment over the decision, stating that the US media has been “racist against non-white people” for a very long time and now they are being “racist against whites and Asians”. He did not provide any evidence to support his claim.

The ‘Dilbert’ comic strip, created by Scott Adams, has been a popular feature in newspapers for many years. The strip follows the lives of office workers and is known for its humorous take on office culture. However, in recent years, Adams has faced criticism for his views on a variety of issues, including race.

Many have accused Adams of promoting racism and bigotry through his comic strip and social media accounts. In response, several newspapers, including the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times, have decided to drop the ‘Dilbert’ comic strip from their editions.

While some have praised the decision, others have criticized it as an attack on free speech. Elon Musk, a vocal critic of cancel culture and an advocate for free speech, has expressed his disappointment over the decision to drop the ‘Dilbert’ comic strip.

Musk’s accusation of racism against white people and Asians has sparked a debate on social media, with some agreeing with him and others disagreeing. Some have argued that racism is a systemic issue that affects people of all races, while others have accused Musk of ignoring the historical and ongoing discrimination faced by people of color.

It remains to be seen whether the decision to drop the ‘Dilbert’ comic strip will be reversed, or whether it will lead to further debate and discussion about free speech and the role of the media in promoting racial equality.