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How AI Is Changing The Online Shopping Experience?

Consumers have seen the amazing benefits of Artificial Intelligence on how it impacts their online shopping experience as technology continues to make our lives more convenient. 

According to Fit Small Business, over 227 million Americans shop online, and this figure is increasingly growing day by day.

According to statistics, it could even reach upto 230.5 million by the end of 2022. The concept of better and faster shopping is possible because of all thanks to newer technologies such as the invention of the Internet of Everything (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Online sellers who are gaining an advantage are the ones who are investing in AI platforms that are specifically designed for retail to give their customers the flexibility to browse around their online store, bringing a highly accurate forecasting model that can help consumers make better inventory decisions, pricing decisions, and optimal design promotions that are praised by the online shoppers.

It is the responsibility of the online seller to organize their products into categories so that the customers can quickly find what they are looking for. 

Making the online shop easy to navigate will increase the online shop’s popularity and attract more customers.

Lets look into some points how AI is impacting consumer’s online shopping

1. You can have all the discounts

One of the most common concerns among online shoppers is whether the discounts are still available, or whether online retailers have less coupons and offers compared to the traditional stores.

This is not the case when the store is well established and popular. There are also AI’s that can assist you in determining the best offers and coupons available for making the purchase.

2. No more burden of moving from one store to another

Going from one store to another store in a mall, grocery store, or a market to find the exact product they want is a very difficult and tedious task for many consumers.

This is one of the main reasons why a large number of people choose to shop online. People just don’t like shopping from one shop to another because it can be very exhausting and time-consuming.

With the help of an eCommerce store, one can easily navigate to the “categories” section or use the search bar to locate the product you want.

If the product which you are looking for isn’t available then most eCommerce stores will have a recommended section which is sorted by their AI’s which will show you the similar products to the one you are looking after.

3. Saves a lot of time

Shopping online, without a doubt, saves more time than shopping in actual malls or shops, wherein you must first drive, find parking slots, walk around the stores, look for your items, go to various floor levels, waiting in the long queue for bills, and so on.

It is much more convenient and easy to look for things you want online. There are several choices to choose from, and if you are uncertain about a product, you can read reviews, contact the seller or check for validation in other platforms.

As compared to the hassle of traditional shopping, online shopping saves a lot of time, if the Artificial Intelligence in the store you’re buying from is well-optimized.

4.Quick delivery of products

Many people like to shop in physical stores so they can get their items right away and take them home with them and also some people want to buy the products by touching and feeling the products. When it comes to online shopping, delivery takes time, but it prevents you from having to lug the weight of your purchases around.

When online shopping was just started to begin the delivery of the goods was very slow but now it is faster than ever. This is because now there are designated teams that are assigned to deliver at various places for the convenience and faster arrival of products to the customers.

5. 24/7 live chat service

Customers will definitely have questions or confused when buying products online, which is why several websites have now implemented a live chat service to answer all customers’ queries 24/7.

It also assists customers in better understanding the product they are interested in, resulting in a happy customer leaving positive reviews for the store. 

It is true that customers do prefer live chat agents rather than automated messages from the chatbots.


Without any second thought, AI is definitely improvising the online shopping experience for their customers. And customers also loving the implementation of cutting-edge technologies while online shopping which is far better and convenient than traditional shopping!

A quick look into how AI is changing the online shopping experience:

  • 24/7 live chat service
  • Quick delivery of products
  • Saves a lot of time
  • No more burden of moving from one store to another

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