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How To Download Hamraaz App? Army App For Indian Soldiers

These days the usefulness of an application cannot be explained in words because it plays such a vital role in one’s life. 

And keeping that in mind the Indian army team has developed a very good application for their soldiers and its name is Hamraaz.

So what is Hamraaz and how is it useful for the soldiers? Let’s find out.

What is the Hamraaz App?

The tech team of the Indian army developed and launched the Hamraaz app in the year 2017 and it has served as a handy product for the serving Indian army soldiers.

Using Hamraaz app a soldier can check out all their payment details such as the payment received, salary slips, other benefits, form 16 download, and many other features such as making communication easier for the soldiers with their supervisors.

How to Download Hamraaz App?

Kindly note that Hamraaz app is a third-party application and it isn’t available on the google play store or app store as it is not available on those platforms. 

And this Hamraaz app can only be made use by the army soldiers and no civilian can have access to it or use this app.

A soldier needs to verify certain official documents such as aadhar card or pan card while registering and only then one will be prompted to use this app.

So in order to download the Hamraaz app, you need to visit one of the official government website which is

When you visit the above link you will find the latest version of the hamraaz app.

There you’ll find 2 options one is to login and another is to download the app. If you haven’t downloaded the hamraaz app already then you need to solve the captcha puzzle and then your download will begin.

Note: If you are trying to download the Hamraaz app from your mobile or smartphone then sometimes you might see a pop-up notification like the file might be harmful but you just need to ignore it and click on download anyway. 

This notification shown on your mobile because the app is a third-party application and is not listed on the playstore or app store.

As mentioned earlier, once you have downloaded the Hamraaz app you need to confirm that you are the serving soldier of the Indian army by providing all the necessary details and the proofs that the app may ask.

The Hamraaz app keeps on getting updated every now and then so make sure your smartphone has the requirement to download and use it.

As of 2022, your android smartphone should have atleast Lollipop 5.1 in order to download the hamraaz app to your mobile.

And moreover, Hamraaz App isn’t available for iPhone users yet but it might be soon launched for Apple users as well so stay tuned!


An app like Hamraaz has made the life of a soldier much easier. Hamraaz is a very secured app and it is well maintained with regular updates on the App!

If you still find difficult to download Hamraaz app and use it then there are a lot of videos on YouTube explaining things in detail.

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