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Is Downloading Pikashow App Safe? Or Is It Harmful?

In this article, we shall look into what is Pikashow App and whether it is safe to download and install Pikashow App on your mobile.

So what is this Pikashow App that people are searching for. Well, let’s find out!

What is Pikashow App?

Pikashow App is a third-party Application where you will be able to watch all your entertainment content without even spending a single dollar. 

Yes, you heard it right. Pikashow App is a free application that anyone can download and avail the benefits.

What You Get With Pikashow App?

With Pikashow App you get most of the premium content that is in fact premiered on Netflix, Hotstar, and other paid OTT platforms.

You will be able to watch the recent TV shows, live sports, movies, and various other entertainment media for free of cost.

But one disadvantage of the Pikashow App is that it comes with a lot of ads and you might have security concerns.

Is Pikashow App available on Playstore or App store?

As mentioned earlier, Pikashow is a third-party application and is not available on the android play store and not even in the iPhone App store.

So do not waste your time searching for the Pikashow App on the play store and install other apps with similar names and logos which are available on the play store.

And there are a lot of youtube videos on this as well that are misleading you by saying you can download Pikashow App from the play store.

Is Pikashow App Safe?

Now coming to the main point, that is whether Pikashow App is safe to use or not. First of all Pikashow App isn’t available on the play store which basically means that any App which is not available on the play store then it is not adhering to the play store rules and regulations.

Pikashow is a kind of illegal App just like other third-party music download applications where you can download music for free.

What Pikashow App does is that it copies content from other premium OTT platforms and uploads it on their platform which is obviously copy-righted material and is illegal.

Now, as Pikashow App isn’t listed on the play store it is unsafe to download such applications. Even when you try downloading Pikashow from other third-party sites you will see a notification popping up on your mobile saying this App can be unsafe.

It is a bit hard to say whether Pikashow App is safe or not as there are many other third-party applications such as dream11 that are absolutely safe.

So not all third-party Applications are harmful and unsafe but when you download a third-party Application like Pikashow make sure what data the App asks for you to allow.

If the app asks for too many permissions then understand that the App may have some security concerns and you wouldn’t want such Apps to be installed on your smartphone.

The Bottom Line!

What we can say is that download and install Pikashow App at your own risk as it is a third-party App. We suggest not to use such Apps and spend some money on the premium OTT platforms to be on the safer side!

And moreover, the continuous ad pop-ups on the Pikashow app will irritate you to hell!

You shouldn’t compromise on your personal data in the greediness of saving some money by installing these kinds of illegal third-party applications.


Is Pikashow harmful or safe?

Well, the Pikashow app may be harmful or may not be. If you are willing to take the risk by downloading the Pikashow app then it is left to you!

Is Pikashow app Illegal?

Yes, the Pikashow app is illegal as already mentioned but it is not illegal for a consumer to download and install it.

Why Pikashow is not available on the Play store?

The Pikashow app is not available on the play store because it is illegal to list an app on the play store that has copyrighted content.

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