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Genyoutube (2022) | How To Download YouTube Videos For Free

YouTube might be addicting as there are a lot of funny, inspirational, educational and basically any kind of videos you can watch on youtube except adult content.

But when it comes to downloading youtube videos to your mobile’s internal storage, the youtube app doesn’t give you that option. Youtube has a download option but the downloaded videos can only be seen in your youtube library.

So to downlaod youtube videos to your internal or SD card, you can make use of Genyoutube. In this article lets go through whether it is safe to use Genyoutube and is it legal to use Genyoutube or not.

What is Genyoutube?

So, what is GenYoutube? Genyoutube is a website or you can say it is a tool where you can extract or download youtube videos for absolutely free. Genyoutube will help you to download the audio files or download the youtube videos without any hustle!

It’s very simple to use and with just 2 clicks you can have your favorite youtube downloaded to your computer or mobile storage. It is compatible both on mobile and computer. So even if you are using a mobo device you can freely and easily download youtube videos.

Genyoutube is pretty simple and straight forward to use.

How To Download Youtube Videos For Free [2 Simple Ways With GenYoutube]

You can use GenYouTube to download youtube videos in 2 simple ways.

Method 1 [How to Use GenYoutube to Download Videos Directly From Youtube]

This method is through the youtube platform itself. You just have to search for whichever video that you wish to download. 

For example, let’ say you want to download Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” song then just enter the keyword shape of you on youtube and click the search button. 

genyoutube how to download youtube videos for free

After that click on the first video you get. Now you need to click on the URL and just have to add the keyword “gen” in front of

Download Youtube Videos Directly From Youtube

For example, the shape Of You song’s YouTube URL is:


So in the above link, you just have to add “gen” before the keyword youtube. It should be like the below URL:

And after you have entered the gen keyword as mentioned like in the above URL you just have to click enter which then will redirect you to the genyoutube website and the video and the audio files of the youtube video will be available for you to download in the Genyoutube website. 

genyoutube download youtube videos online

You can choose from the range of many downloadable formats of the video as shown in the below image. You can download the video in mp3, mp4 or whichever format that you wish and that is available to choose from. It is simple as that.

Method 2 [ How to Use GenYoutube to Download Videos From GenYoutube Website]

Method one was quite simple to use and download the youtube videos.

But if you don’t like to add the gen keyword to the youtube’s video URL and if you think it’s a bit irritating then you can directly copy the URL of the video and then head over to website and then just paste the URL of the video in the search bar of the genyoutube website and hit go.

genyoutube download youtube videos

It will then take you to a similar page as shown in method one where you can download your youtube video for free with any of the available downloadable formats.

And this is how genyoutube works and these are the 2 different and simple ways to download youtube videos using genyoutube.

You can even add a genyoutube chrome extension to make things even more simpler. You just have to add the tamperMonkey chrome extension to your chrome browser and then have to add the genyoutube widget to it and you are all set. 

You can just click on the button while watching the youtube video and your video will be downloaded. 

Genyoutube is virus-free so you don’t have to worry about adding it to your chrome extension or visiting their website to download the youtube videos. 

But their website has numerous ads and it is advised not to click to any of those ads which might redirect you some strange sites where you can catch up with the virus. So take note of this.

For you to know, genyoutube isn’t available in the google play store or apple store. It can only be used on their official website.

Some Top Features Of Genyoutube

  • You can download any kind of videos from youtube
  • At present, genyoutube supports 55 formats to download youtube videos
  • Simple and easy to use
  • You can download youtube videos in few mins without wasting your precious time
  • You download multiple videos at a time and won’t face any problem of the speed issue

How To Install Genyoutube Chrome Extension?

To install genyoutube chrome extension to your chrome browser first you need to add an extension known as Tampermonkey.

How to install GenYoutube extension for Chrome?

Once you have done go here and click on install. A new window will open and again click on install and then you are all set to use genyoutube chrome extension.

Now go to youtube and you can see the download now button on every video. Click on it and it will take you to genyoutube where you can download the video!

Install Genyoutube Chrome Extension

How to Install Genyoutube Firefox Extension?

To install the Firefox extension first you need to add the GreaseMonkey Firefox extension. After that, you just need to go here and click on the install button.  That’s all, now you will get a download option on all your youtube videos when you browse through your Firefox browser.

How to Install Genyoutube Safari Extension?

Well, even this follows a similar process. All you need to do is install tampermonkey for safari and then you can go here and click on the install button and then you are all set to download youtube videos!

Is Genyoutube Safe and Legal?

Yes, genyoutube is absolutely safe to use and to download youtube videos. But sometimes when you click on videos which are present on genyoutube it will redirect you to a malicious looking website. So make sure you close it right away and not to take any action from those sites.

But it is not about genyoutube, after you have downloaded the youtube videos you shoudn’t reproduce the video somewhere else you wish unless you get permission from the original video creator or if the video is of creative commons then you can use it without any issue.

In Conclusion

There are many other ways as well where you can download youtube videos. But using genyoutube it is hustle free and with the simple interface of genyoutube, it makes this tool as one of the best and easy ways to download youtube videos for free.

Quick FAQ’s

What is Genyoutube?

It is a tool that is used to download youtube videos free of cost.

Is Genyoutube safe?

Yes, it is safe to use because there are no questionable ads and push ads.

Does Genyoutube allows to download age-restricted videos?

Yes, with Genyoutube you can download age restricted videos!

Can Genyoutube handle numerous downloads simultaneously?

Yes, you can download videos simultaneously without facing any problem.

How many video format downloads it supports?

Currently, Genyoutube supports 55 formats

Does Genyoutube has a chrome extension?

Yes, it has chrome, firefox, safari extensions.

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