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Ecwid Login (2022)|How To Create An Ecwid Account?

Looking forward to building an eCommerce store and wondering which one to go after. Well, trust me there are numerous eCommerce platforms offering solutions for you to set up your eCommerce platform.

When it comes to setting up an online store everyone is very familiar with Shopify and few of you might be hearing about Ecwid for the very first time.

Shopify may be a great option for a few but you know when the options are unlimited when choosing an eCommerce platform, Shopify may not be a great option for few others.

And coming to Ecwid, it can even be a better option for you than Shopify. Ecwid allows you to sell in multiple places may it be on WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc.

To be honest, setting up an online store platform with Ecwid takes way less time than Shopify.

Ecwid lets you to enable translations for over 50 languages and it will automatically detect the users language based on their browser settings.

One more great thing about Ecwid is that it offers a forever free plan if you have less than 10 products and with limited features.

Ecwid can be a great place to start your online store if you:

  • Already own a website
  • Are looking for a forever free plan
  • Want to set up the platform quick and easy
  • Don’t want your earnings to be deducted
  • Don’t want to hire developers to customize your store

You can visit the Ecwid website and get started with the forever free plan to check if Ecwid can be a great place to begin your online store journey.

So now let’s move on to see how to login to Ecwid by setting up a free Ecwid account.

How To Create An Ecwid Account?

So in order to create an Ecwid account first you need to visit the official website of Ecwid i.e Ecwid.com

Once you are there, click on the get started for free option on the top or below as shown below.

How To Create An Ecwid Account?

Now Ecwid will give you 4 options to create your free Ecwid account. We will create our Ecwid account by entering the full name, email id, and password.

You also have the option to create your Ecwid account by signing up through Apple, Facebook, or Google. Choose your preferred option to signup.

signup for ecwid

Ecwid will now send you an email to confirm your Ecwid email id that you have used to signup.

Just go to your email inbox and you’ll see a mail from Ecwid just like shown below. Click on the confirm button in order to confirm your Ecwid email id.

Now Ecwid will take you to its control panel where you have to complete your registration by filling out some details. 

There will be 4 steps to complete your registration. Let’s check out one by one. 

First, enter the store name that you want to have. Also, enter your currency and country and then hit Next.

Note: You can change the store name anytime later

In the next step, you will be asked to enter your company’s address. Enter all the details and hit next. 

This information is required in order to for receiving payments and setting up delivery. 

Now Ecwid will ask for more information about yourself and the type of store you want to set up. This info is asked by Ecwid in order to better assist you while steering up the store.

Just fill in the asked info and click on next.

In the last step, Ecwid will ask you whether you already have a website or not. If you don’t have a website, Ecwid will set up one for you for free.

After entering the same, click on finish and proceed to the dashboard.

Now Ecwid will take you to your store’s dashboard where you’ll be able to add your products, set up payment gateways, add social networks, select shipping options and manage your store.

Your Ecwid dashboard will look something like this:

ecwid dashboard

Ecwid Login Process

Once you have created your Ecwid account you’ll be able to login to Ecwid. Let’s check out the Ecwid login process step by step.

First, go to Ecwid website homepage and then click on the login button in order to login to your Ecwid account.

ecwid login

Now enter your Ecwid email id and password which you used during Ecwid signup and hit sign in. You can also login to Ecwid with apple, Facebook or directly through google.

ecwid sign in

Once you click on signin, you’ll be taken to your Ecwid control panel. That’s all, you have successfully logged in to your Ecwid platform.

Forgot Ecwid Login Credentials? How to recover?

If you ever forget your Ecwid login credentials then you can reset it and recover your account in just a few minutes. Let’s check out the process for the same.

Once when you are in the login page of Ecwid, youll see a option known as “forgot your password?” as shown below. Just click on it to reset the Ecwid login password.

how to recover  Ecwid Login Credentials

Now enter your email id which you used to signup while creating the Ecwid account and then click on reset password button to reset your password.

Now Ecwid will send you an email with instructions to reset your password. You must receive a email from Ecwid just like shown below:

Now click on the link sent by Ecwid inorder to set a new password. Just enter a new Ecwid login password and login in back from that new password. You can reset the Ecwid password as many times as you want.

Ecwid Features

Below are some of the cool features of Ecwid which will tempt you to make use of Ecwid platform for your online business.

More than 50 payment options

Ecwid platform has more than 50 payment options so that your customer wont face any problems during the check out process and will be able to make the payment from the payment option of their choice.

45 different languages

If your Ecwid store sells all around the globe then your Ecwid store will be automatically translated into more than 45 different languages depending on the location of the user visiting your Ecwid store. This native language translation is a very good feature provide by Ecwid.

Automatic updates

Eciwd will send automatic delivery updates to your customers and keep them informed about whats happening.

Ecwid Integrations

You can integrate a lot of apps within your Ecwid store. For some Ecwid stores integrations with other apps are really necessary to track few things.

Some other features of Ecwid includes tracking inventory, saving your favorite products, custom design schemes, smart shipping calculator are a few to name.


Ecwid might look like a simple platform but its packed with some advanced features. Ecwid offers direct integrations with website builders and content management systems. 

Ecwid is basically an easy to use solution that packs a powerful punch. We hope you came to know how to login to Ecwid store by creating a free account.


Is Ecwid safe to buy from?

Building a platform with Ecwid safe. All your information as well as your customer details are completely safe with Ecwid. 

What is Ecwid store?

Just like shopify Ecwid is an good ecommerce platform which will help you to build your very own ecommerce store without any hustle and coding brain.

What does Ecwid stand for?

Many people have used but they dont yet the meaning of Ecwid. Well Ecwid basically stands for ecommerce widget (Ecwid).

How much does Ecwid cost?

Ecwid’s venture plans costs at $12.50 per month, Business plan starts at $29.17 per month and Ecwid’s unlimited plan starts at $82.50 per month.

Where is Ecwid located?

Ecwid is located in many locations but its headquarters are in california and russia.

Which is better shopify or Ecwid?

Well its hard to say if shopify is better or Ecwid is better because it completely depends on you business requirements and what you are looking for in the long term.

Which company owns Ecwid?

In 2021, Ecwid has been acquired by ecommerce company known as Lightspeed for 500 million dollars!

Is Ecwid good for small business?

Yes, Ecwid is a really good platform especially for businesses that are just starting out and for small businesses as well.

Is Ecwid free forever?

Yes, one plan which Ecwid offers is a completely free plan and it always be free but it will have limited features compared with Ecwid’s paid plans.

Is Ecwid open source?

Yes, Ecwid is an open source ecommerce platform.

Does Ecwid have a mobile app?

Yes, Ecwid also has a mobile app that can be downloaded both in app store and android playstore.

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