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Quackity Net Worth (2022) | How Old is This Mexican YouTuber?

Quackity (born: December 28, 2000) is a Mexican YouTuber who makes gaming videos. His content is mainly composed of reactions, but he occasionally uploads original skits and songs.

Quackity is his youtube channel but his real name is Alexis and his fans call him in short as Alex.

Quackity was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He has two brothers and a sister. His father is American and his mother is Mexican.

In this article, we will have a look at Quackity net worth and what he does as a YouTuber.

Quackity Net Worth 2022

As per various data and estimates, it is said that Quackity’s net worth as of 2022 date is more than $5M.

Quackity’s first video was uploaded on December 30, 2012, and was a reaction to the “Gangnam Style” music video by Psy.

In 2013, Quackity started making gaming videos, and his channel began to grow. He played various games, including “Minecraft,” “Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” and “Grand Theft Auto V.”

In February 2014, Quackity created his second channel, “MoreQuackity,” which is mostly composed of original comedy skits and songs.

In late 2014, Quackity’s main channel began to grow rapidly, gaining over 100,000 subscribers in just a few months.

In 2015, Quackity started making more reaction videos, and his channel continued to grow. He also started collaborating with other YouTubers, such as LeafyIsHere and iNabber.

In 2016, Quackity’s channel reached 1 million subscribers. He also started a gaming group called “DreamTeam,” which includes YouTubers such as Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and PewDiePie.

In 2017, Quackity’s channel continued to grow, reaching 2 million subscribers. He also started a podcast called “The Quackity Show,” which is available on iTunes and Spotify.

In 2018, Quackity’s channel reached 3 million subscribers. He also started a YouTube series called “Stupid Questions with Quackity,” in which he answers questions from viewers that are considered to be stupid.

Quackity’s channel has continued to grow in 2019, and he currently has over 4 million subscribers. He is also one of the most popular YouTubers in Mexico, with over 1 million subscribers on his channel, “Quackity.”

As of 2022, Quackity’s youtube channel has a whopping 6.3 Million followers and it is growing every single day as more and more people finds out about Quackity’s channel.

Quackity Youtube Channel 

Now let’s have a look at Quackity’s youtube channel and the statistics to date. Quackity had created his youtube channel in the year 2013 and uploaded his first youtube video on jun 4th, 2013.

And since then Quackity has uploaded 234 videos with total video views of 482M as of 2022 date.

Quackity isn’t really active on his main youtube channel compared to his other 3 youtube channels where he uploads videos regularly.

Quackity’s 3 other youtube cchannel names are QuackiTwo, QuackityVODS and QuackitySpanish.

With all 4 youtube channels, Quackity would be earning so much money and 90% of his income comes from his Youtube channels!

Quackity on social media

Quackity not only has huge subscribers on Youtube but he also active on major social media platforms. So we shall have a glance at his social’s as well.

Quackity twitter account

Even though Quackity isnt hyper active on twitter he stiil has got a following of 4.8M. You can follow Quackity on twitter and his twitter username is @Quackity.

Quackity on instagram 

Quackity has uploaded only 76 posts on instagram to date and has 4.1M followers on his instagram account. You can follow Quackity on instagram ans his username is Quackity.

Thoughts About Quackity

Quackity has done a lot of hard work to achieve that millions of subscribers and followers count. Hope you came to know about Quackity net worth and about his famous gaming YT channel

What do you think about Quackity? Do you watch any of his videos? Let us know in the comments below! 

FAQs About Quackity 

How Old Is Quackity?

As of 2022, Quackity is just 21 years old and is already making millions of money every single year!

How Tall Is Quackity?

It is estimated that Quackity is approximately 5′ 8″ tall.

When Is Quackity Birthday?

Quackity celebrates his birthday every year on 28th December!

Where Does Quackity Live?

It looks like Quackity currently lives in Mexico but his youtube channel location is from United States.

Did Quackity Leave The Dream SMP?

Quackity has been inactive on the dream SMP for a while now, and it’s unclear if he has left permanently or not. It’s possible that he has simply taken a break from the SMP, but it’s also possible that he has left for good.

Is Quackity Mexican?

Yes, Quackity is a young Mexican personality.

Is Quackity Single?

This is a question that many people ask about the popular YouTuber Quackity. It is possible that Quackity is currently single, but this is not confirmed. Quackity is a private person when it comes to his personal life, so it is difficult to say for sure what his current relationship status is.

How much is Quackity worth?

Quackity is worth more than 5 million dollars

What Is Quackity Real Name?

Alexis is the real name of Quackity but he hasn’t revealed his full name to his fans yet!

Is Quackity Gay?

We dont think Quackity is a gay!

Is Quackity Married?

No, Quackity is still very young to get married and to have a family at this time.

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