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Intex Company Belongs To Which Country? [India Ya Chinese?]

Intex is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in India, with a wide range of products across different categories. 

Intex has a strong presence in the consumer durables, speakers, IT accessories, mobile accessories, personal care appliances, and medical products segments. The company is known for its innovative products, quality, and value for money. 

Intex has a wide distribution network across India and its products are available in all major online and offline retailers. Intex has a strong customer base and is one of the most trusted consumer electronics brands in India.

So Intex belongs to which company then? Is it an Indian brand? Let’s find out.

Intex Company Belongs To Which Country?

As already mentioned in the introduction of this article, Intex belongs to India and its origin country is India.

Intex technologies was established in the year 1996 and its headquarters are located in New Delhi, India. 

The company Intex technologies was founded by the Indian entrepreneur named Narendra Bansal who is currently working as the chairman of Intex.

Its been 26 years since the incorporation of Intex and they are still in the business and all the products manufactured by them are available on major e-commerce platforms and also on their official website.

When it comes to the mobile phone industry, Intex is among the most rapidly expanding firms.

Story of Narendra Bansal

Mr. Narendra Bansal was born in Hanumanagar, Rajasthan and his father was also a businessman and the business mindset was in the blood of Narendra Bansal.

Narendra Bansal is a well-educated person as he graduated in commerce from the University of Delhi.

Since he was a young boy, Narendra Bansal had a leadership and a strong desire to launch his own company but he never liked his father’s business. That’s why Bansal wanted to do something better.

Bansal used to take photographs near the Birla mandir in Delhi and used to sell key chains by including those photos in the chain. But Bansal was quick to realize that by doing this he won’t get any experience nor he would make great profits.

After that, he thought of selling audio and video cassettes and if you are from the 90s you would know the demand for cassettes. Bansal used to buy audio video cassettes in wholesale and then sold them in local retail bazaars.

Even though Bansal made some money from this he couldn’t make the money he wanted to achieve. But with his cassette business, Bansal had definitely saved some good amount of money.

Soon Bansal realized the fact that most of the raw materials for the manufacturing of different electronics used to come from china. 

So Bansal carefully analyzed the Chinese market and flew to china and made some deals with the local manufacturers in china.

And moreover during that time, in India, there was a great demand for computers and it was booming. So to capitalize on this Narendra Bansal started importing computer equipments from china.

So to better his business he started his own company and he named it Impex international which used to import computer equipments from china, Taiwan, and Korea.

After 2 years of Impex, Narendra Bansal changed his business to Intex technologies in 1996. And his company was quick to make great revenue and then Bansal also included more products to his business such as speakers, DVD players, and home theaters.

And in 2005, Intex technologies had even set up its own manufacturing unit in India. Looking at the demands for mobile phones in the Indian market, Intex technologies also started to manufacture mobile phones

At present, Narendra Bansal’s Intex technologies is the 2nd largest cell phone manufacturer in India.


From the above discussion, it is clear that Intex company belongs to India and it is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in India with a wide range of products.

Also, let us know in the comments section, how inspiring was it about the entrepreneurial journey of Narendra Bansal?


Who Is The Founder Of Intex Technologies?

Narendra Bansal is the founder of Intex technologies

Is Intex Indian Company?

Yes, that’s right. Intex’s origin country is India.

Is Intex A Chinese Company?

No, not every company you think of is from china but yes Intex’s raw materials are manufactured in China and other nations.

Is Intex Still In Business?

It’s been 26 years of the establishment of Intex technologies and they are still doing pretty good in terms of business.

Intex Company Belongs To Which Country?

Intex company belongs to Indian country.

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