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Nokia Company Belongs To Which Country? [Why Nokia Failed!?]

Nokia! Once upon a time, everyone used the phone manufactured by Nokia. If you are a 90s kid then there is no way you haven’t used or seen the Nokia phone.

I still remember the days when I used Nokia 1100 phone and used to play games on that. LOL.

If you are here to find out Nokia company belongs to which country then you are in the right place as we discussed about the same and a brief history of Nokia as well. So keep reading!

Nokia Company Belongs To Which Country?

If you wondering whether Nokia is an Indian or American company then you are wrong as Nokia belongs to Finland country. Yes, Nokia is a brand of Finland!

Nokia is a Finnish multinational telecommunication, information technology, and consumer electronics company. It was founded in 1865 as a forestry company, but has since diversified into many different businesses, most notably telecommunications.

Nokia is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones, with a global market share of over 40%. It also produces a wide range of other products, including mobile phone accessories, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs. Nokia has a long history of innovation and is responsible for many important inventions in the field of telecommunications.

A Quick History of Nokia

Nokia was founded in 1865 as a forestry company by Fredrik Idestam. Initially, the company was focused on the production of pulp and paper. 

As a result of exporting paper goods to Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and China, Nokia expanded its presence on a worldwide scale.

In 1967, Nokia acquired the Finnish Rubber Works, which had been founded in 1898. This acquisition allowed Nokia to enter the rubber and plastics industry.

In the 1970s, Nokia began to expand into the telecommunications industry. It started producing radio telephones in the early 1970s, and by the end of the decade, it had become the leading manufacturer of mobile phones in Finland.

In 1982, Nokia launched the world’s first digital cellular phone system, known as the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) system. This system was later adopted by many other countries.

In the 1990s, Nokia became a major player in the global mobile phone market. In 1992, it introduced the world’s first GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phone. GSM is now the most widely used standard for mobile phone systems.

In 1998, Nokia launched the first ever WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) phone. WAP is a technology that allows mobile phones to access the internet.

In 2003, Nokia released the world’s first camera phone, the Nokia 7650. Camera phones are now one of the most popular types of mobile phone.

In 2007, Nokia released the world’s first Internet tablet, the Nokia N800. An Internet tablet is a device that combines the features of a mobile phone and a computer.

In 2010, Nokia released the world’s first smartphone with a Microsoft operating system, the Nokia Lumia 800. A smartphone is a mobile phone that offers advanced computing capabilities, including the ability to run apps and access the internet.

In 2013, Nokia sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft. Nokia then focused on its network infrastructure business, and on developing new technologies for the Internet of Things.

In 2016, Nokia announced that it would return to the consumer market with a new line of Android-powered smartphones.

Because Nokia was never able to swiftly upgrade its technology to keep up with market demands, specifically android technology, the company was unable to maintain its dominant position in the industry.

However, Nokia was unable to evolve and remain competitive in the rapidly expanding market for mobile devices such as iPhones and Samsung phones.

As a direct consequence of this, Nokia suffered a significant decline in its market share within the mobile network industry.

Now you might ask whether Nokia phones are still available? And the answer is Yes! Nokia is still in the smartphone market and it has been rumored that Nokia would release new smartphone models in its X-series and G-series during the second half of the year 2022.

Why Nokia Failed?

There was a missed opportunity for Nokia to hop on the Android trend. While other smartphone makers were hard at work refining and expanding their product lines, Nokia continued to be stubborn and dumb. 

Samsung moved rapidly to introduce a series of phones powered by Android that were available at competitive prices and were simple to use. 

The management of Nokia was under the impression that consumers would not embrace touch screen phones and would instead continue to choose the QWERTY keyboard layout.

Even though Microsoft purchased Nokia’s mobile division, it was an utter failure resulting in no betterment and it was one of the worst acquisitions made by Microsoft or any company for that matter!

In terms of technological adaptation, Nokia has been a laggard! In this changing new phase of technology, if your business doesn’t adapt and make changes then you will end up like Nokia!


Hope we have cleared the air and made it very clear that Nokia is a Finland-based brand and it belongs to Finland country.

Nokia was a well-known brand back then but not so much anymore and I personally can never think of buying any Nokia smartphones even though once upon a time I just loved to play snake game on a Nokia phone!


Is Nokia an Indian company?

As mentioned earlier Nokia a brand of Finland but yes India has manufacturing units of Nokia.

Is Nokia a Chinese company?

No! Nokia isn’t a Chinese company but that doesn’t mean that Nokia’s products and materials are manufactured in china as china has a lot of Nokia’s manufacturing units.

Nokia Company Belongs To Which Country?

Nokia is the proud brand of Finland country!

Does Nokia company still exist?

Nokia which was founded in 1865 is still in business in 2022 but because of being a laggard, they failed to make banks!

Who owns Nokia?

HMB Global has exclusive rights for branding and manufacturing Nokia products.

When was Nokia founded?

Nokia company was founded in the year 1865!

When was the first Nokia phone made?

The first Nokia phone was ever made was in the year 1987.

Who founded Nokia?

There are 3 founders of Nokia named Fredrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin and Eduard Polón.

Who is the current CEO of Nokia?

Finnish Businessman Pekka Lundmark is the current serving CEO of Nokia.

Where is Nokia headquarters?

Nokia’s headquarters are located in the beautiful city of Espoo, Finland.

How much did Microsoft pay to buy Nokia’s mobile business?

In 2013, Microsoft acquired the handset division of Nokia for a price reportedly above $7 billion.

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