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Halo Lock Shopify | What Is Halo Lock Door System?

In this article, we shall look into what is halo lock shopify and more about halo lock and how it can be used.

Keep reading and we will let you know everything you need to know about halo lock. 

What Is Halo Lock Shopify?

A ecommerce website known as is built with shopify platform where you can buy a smart technology enabled halo lock system for your door.

The halo lock system is also app controlled by means of bluetooth connection. The website thehalolock was registered on January 2022 and if you want to buy the halo lock from their website then you can directly buy from their site and they will ship it to your address.

Or if you need more information they have a contact form through which you can get in touch with them before ordering the halo lock.

If you can check their homepage customers who bought halo product has given good reviews as well. They have 30 day return policy as well in case you recived a damaged halo lock product or if you are not satisfied with the product.

What is a Halo Lock?

Now if are not sure what halo lock is then we shall explain it to you. Halo lock is a new digital age door lock system which uses cutting edge technology to unlock your door!

Now this halo lock for door can be used in 2 simple ways. Lets find out.

1. You can use your fingerprint to unlock the door. As fingerprints are unique to particular individual it will be highly secure. It wont even take a second to open the door with your fingerprint. It is that fast.

In case if you want other people also to use fingerprint to open the door then by using the mobile app, you can set upto 20 fingerprints to unlock the door.

2. The halo lock door system also comes with a passcode by which you can unlock the door. You have to enter the passcode on the handle of the halo lock.

How To Install The Halo Lock Door System?

Installation of a halo lock door should be very easy and doesn’t really require any professional service as anybody can remove the previous handle of the door and install this technology-driven smart door lock system.

The below video might help you to understand the installation process of the smart handle door lock.

Benefits of Smart Halo Lock Handle for Door

It’s fast and easy

The smart halo lock for the door is very fast to open the door. You don’t have to search for the keys in your bag and wonder if you have lost the key. Just use your finger and the door will unlock in mili seconds.

High Security

Nothing can beat the security level of using fingerprints. Nobody will ever be able to open that unless they broke that door!

Keep your kids away

This smart door handle lock system will be helpful for keeping kids away from entering your room. Your room might have laptops, and other personal documents and you don’t want kids entering your room and damaging all of those.

Thoughts on Halo Lock Shopify

This advanced door lock home security system is highly secure and safe. It is really beneficial when you don’t want anyone to look into a particular room that has your secret or private things.

Hope you came to know about the halo lock door system!


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