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Keenan Williams Net Worth 2022 | Who is Keenan Williams?

Keenan Williams is a self made millionaire and successful businessman who is running his own skin care brand.

Keenan Williams’ story is really amazing and should serve as a source of encouragement for everyone.

Keenan Williams was born in a very poor family and had to work hard to make something of himself.

Now Keenan is a millionaire and his brand is doing very well.

To know more about Keenan Williams, read this article where we discuss Keenan Williams net worth, before success and how he made it!

Keenan Williams Net Worth 2022

Since running his own business, Keenan Williams net Worth has grown in good numbers. A large amount of Keenan’s wealth comes from his skin care business and also a little part comes from his online courses.

As of 2022, Keenan Williams net Worth is estimated to be at least $5 Million!

Since gaining substantial growth, Keenan Williams has aimed to have a positive influence on other budding entrepreneurs and to share his skills in the most effective and efficient way possible.

For that reason, Keenan Williams also offers a course on his website where he teaches all the things he had learned during his business journey in becoming and starting a successful business!

Keenan Williams Success Story!

Like any other youngster, Keenan Williams had aspirations and dreams of being the greatest he could be and experiencing everything that life has to give him.

When Keenan was a kid, he wanted to do anything that would allow him to be really highly productive may it be in rap music or in sports. Keenan began working at a young age  (at just 18 years) to help support his family. 

When Keenan Williams was young, he even worked as a shoe salesman at an outlet (which got him 8 dollars per hour) and also as a night shift employee doing other jobs.

Williams had a difficult journey to business as he had to leave college because he had a daughter at that time and had to support his family in terms of money.

Mr. Keenan Williams spent almost a decade working in retail before landing a position selling women’s skincare items as a sales coordinator even though he dint had prior experience working in that field. 

But Keenan Williams says in an interview that he was a quick learner and the sales job wasn’t big deal for Keenan.

Keenan Williams worked for the firm for more than a year, during which time he accumulated as much knowledge as he could about the skincare business. 

But in the middle of a financial disagreement with his employment, which resulted in his paychecks being delayed for little more than three months, he saw an opportunity to start his own business.

So you see success didn’t come easy for Keenan!

In 2018, Keenan Williams officially launched his skincare company Known as Ko Elixir. 

Keenan had a bit of struggle during the initial days of his business but his company quickly got a very good and positive response from his customers and the skincare brand  Ko Elixir was a big success in 6 months of the launch as the company had 1 million dollars in revenue in just 6 months!

And notably, 95% of the customers of Ko Elixir are women, helping them to maintain their skincare needs.

Before becoming an entrepreneur and a successful businessman in the skincare industry, Keenan Williams he had very good followers on instagram and was an influencer for many good brands. 

Keenan Williams was doing affiliate marketing on his instagram profile and making a good chunk of money from affiliate marketing like more than $40K a month!

Keenan has utilized the social media platform Instagram very well to make it as the primary channel for selling his skin care products.

Today, Keenan earns $1 million every month from the company he founded.

Thoughts on Keenan Williams

 Relearning from failures is the key to success for the successful person and that’s exactly what Keenan Williams did he never stopped hustling which got him making 7 figure income!

What’s your thought on Keenan Williams? Did his success inspire you?

Do let us know in the comment section below!

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