Layah Heilpern Net Worth 2022 | Author and Bitcoin Enthusiast

Layah Heilpern is an American media personality who is a Journalist, Author, Speaker and Content Creator.

Layah Heilpern is originally from UK but currently resides in the United States.

Moreover, Layah Heilpern is also a news reporter and she has a special interest in the fintech industry, especially in the bitcoin world.

In this article, we shall look into more about Layah Heilpern, about her net worth and other things.

Layah Heilpern Net Worth (2022) and Bio

It’s not really clear how much would be the net worth of Layah Heilpern but we expect it to be at least or more than $2M as of 2022.

This Young journalist loves new technologies and the advancements in the finance industry. If not every day, most of the time Layah Heilpern will be discussing things around cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

Layah’s main goal and motivation for this is to help people educate about the new things and how to take better financial decisions with the advancements in technology.

To talk about her education, Layah Heilpern has completed her higher education in Broadcast Journalism, radio and television from the University of Leads, located in England.

Layah Heilpern is currently working as a presenter, which is a crypto platform. Before working at Exodus, Layah Heilpern was worked in several other top broadcasting channels including BBC, Altcoin Buzz, Feature Story News, London Live ESTV are a few to name.

Since working in this field, Layah Heilpern has got the chance to interview some of the prominent cryptocurrency investors in the crypto space.

Layah Heilpern on Instagram

Layah Heilpern is active on Instagram and ahs around 30K followers. Layah Heilpern mainly posts about her personal photos and travel pics and you won’t find much about crypto or finance-related things.

Layah Heilpern on Twitter

Layah Heilpern on Twitter is active most of the time and has a good following of 226K. Layah always tweets about crypto and finance.

If you believe in crypto and NFT’s then follow Layah Heilpern on Twitter to get updates on what’s happening in the industry.

Layah is also present on Linkedin and Tiktok as well if you like to follow her on those platforms.

Layah Heilpern Youtube

Layah Helipern is on youtube and always uploads some quality content, especially on money and crypto.

For the last 2 years, Layah Heilpern has been very active on YT publishing videos regularly and accumulating around 88K subscribers.

Layah Heilpern Book on Bitcoin

Layah Heilpern has written a 74-page book on bitcoin explaining all the aspects of bitcoin and is available on the Amazon platform if you wish to buy and read it.

Here is what Layah Heilpern got to say about bitcoin:

Layah Heilpern Podcast Show

Notably, Layah Heilpern also runs a podcast show named Layah Heilpern Show which you can stream on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Layah Heilpern Show podcasts discuss on things related to crypto, bitcoin in particular, and entrepreneurship.

Thoughts on Layah Heilpern 

Layah Heilpern is a young, motivated, and highly talented media personality. She is doing really with her presentation skills and doing her best to change the mindset of the people through her motivational and fact-based talks.

Let us know what are your views on Layah Heilpern.


Does Layah Heilpern have a boyfriend?

Looks like Layah Heilpern doesn’t have any boyfriend as of now but rumors’ say was or is dating the rapper Zuby.

What is Layah Heilpern age?

Layah Heilpern hasn’t mentioned her age anywhere on social media and nobody has asked about her age. So Layah Heilpern’s age remains unknown as of now.

Where is Layah Heilpern from?

Layah Heilpern is born and bought up in London, UK but currently resides in Miami, FL.

How much is Layah Heilpern worth?

Layah Heilpern is worth at least $1M

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