Matt Pittman Net Worth 2022 | Meat Church Owner and CEO

Looks like meat and Matt are meant for each other as Matt Pittman is the founder and CEO of his meat company named Meat Church BBQ.

Matt Pittman is born and bought up in Texas, united states and as of 2022 Matt Pittman is 47 years old.

In this article, we will look into Matt Pittman’s net worth and about his meat business.

Matt Pittman Net Worth and Business

According to the linkedin profile of Matt Pittman he has done BBA in Finance from the university of Texas at Arlington in 1997. Strange thing is Matt Pittman’s education and his meat business is no where related to one another.

From childhood, Matt Pittman had keen interest in cooking, he used to cook chicken in the backyard of his house with his friends.

And also some credits goes to his grandma June who has helped him learn cooking. But Matt never thought he would some thing like meat business for his living as education background was completely different.

The interest came in for Matt Pittman when he once arranged a trip for Central Texas. It was there in Texas Matt Pittman got the real taste of how BBQ actually tastes and from there it all began.

Matt got real interest in BBQ and wanted to setup a BBQ business. Matt had attended and competed in various BBQ competitions and made a name for himself by getting noticed by the public.

Matt Pittman appeared in the BBQ Television show named BBQ Pitmasters in the year 2014 and that’s when Meat Church BBQ was established.

When the company Meat Church was launched in the year 2014 they dint had much of sales but just after 4 years of its establishment in 2018 they had achieved a milestone of crossing $1M in sales!

Matt Pittman has been working as the CEO of Meat Church BBQ since 2014 but before that Matt had worked in several other firms.

Before starting Meat Church BBQ, matt had worked in Penson Financial Services, Bank of America, Elevate, and a few others.

Well, now Matt Pittman is successfully running his meat church business and working hard to take it to new heights.

And as of 2022, Matt Pittman’s net worth is estimated to be around $5M. It’s just an estimation but it can be more or less.

What is Meat Church BBQ?

Meat church is a grill store that is located in the Waxahachie area of Texas. From meat church, you can avail all the BBQ supplies, seasonings, rubs, etc.

Not just BBQ supplies but meat church also sells various BBQ printed merchandise and accessories on their official website.

Matt Pittman Instagram

Matt Pittman is on instagram with the name Matt Pittman – Meat Church and has 613K followers. The main reason for this huge following is because matt uploads reels and videos related to meats and food lovers, especially meat people love it.

Matt Pittman Twitter

If you are a more active user on Twitter then you can follow Matt Pittman’s meat church on Twitter because they are active on Twitter as well.

Matt Pittman YouTube

If you are a BBQ lover then you need to subscribe to Meat Church BBQ’s YT channel. They upload some of the coolest and how-to videos on meat and you’ll love it.

Meat Church BBQ YT channel was created in the year 2013 and has uploaded 105 videos to date and got 330K subscribers.


How old is Matt Pittman?

Matt Pittman’s age is 47 years.

Where is Matt Pittman from?

Matt Pittman is from Texas, USA

Who is Matt Pittman’s wife?

Matt Pittman’s wife name is Tracie Pittman.

How many kids Matt Pittman have?

Matt Pittman has 4 kids, 3 boys and one girl

How much is Matt Pittman worth?

Matt Pittman is worth at least $5 Million

What did Matt Pittman do before meat Church?

Matt Pittman used to work in financial firms before putting his hands into meat business.

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