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Mp3juices Cc (2022) Is Mp3 Juice Safe For Downloading Music?

Did You Know?

In the US, around 68% of the people aged between 18 to 34 years listen to music every single day!

Millennials love listening to music and for some people, music is one thing that keeps them alive!

You must be already aware that there are a lot of online music streaming platforms out there. Some of the popular ones include Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc. 

But the major disadvantage of these music streaming platforms is that you can only stream music online and you won’t be able to download that music to your mobile or laptop.

Yes, these platforms have the option to download on their apps but you cannot download and store it internally.

Other than that these famous music streaming apps allow you to listen to any music for absolutely free.

So in order to download these music files to their phone, there are several music downloader sites online and one of the most popular ones is mp3juices cc.

In the blog, we will look into how to use mp3juices cc, is it safe to use mp3juices and many other things that you need to know about mp3juicess cc.

What is mp3 juice cc?

So what is mp3 juices cc? Well, we can call mp3juices a music search engine or an mp3 downloader tool. You can use mp3juices to download your favorite mp3 songs for free of cost.

Mp3juices tool is used by millions of users worldwide to download songs for free. It’s a very popular tool among music lovers!

With mp3juices you can download any kind of song, unlimited number of times!

So with that, now let’s look into how to use mp3juices. But wait before that, you need to which is the official mp3juices site.

Mp3juices Official Site?

Well, if you search in google you’ll find a lot of sites that contain the “mp3juice” word in their domain names.

You can find domain extensions for mp3jucie such as .io, .site, .net, .dj etc. This will confuse you which is the real and official mp3juices website.

So worry not. We have figured it out for you. The real mp3juices website is

The interface of mp3juices cc looks like as shown below:

mp3juices cc

So now you which is the official mp3juices website let’s check out how to use mp3juices cc website to download music.

How to Use mp3 juices cc?

Using mp3juices cc website is super easy. Just follow the below steps which we have mentioned and in no time you’ll be able to download your favorite music!

Step one: Search for the Song You Want to Download on the Mp3juices cc Website

So to do this, head over to the mp3juices cc website. In the search bar of the website, start typing the name of the song that you wish to download.

For this, we will take the example of the “Beautiful” song by Akon.

So for that, we have searched in the search box as Akon beautiful and as you can see from the below image you can find a drop-down where you can find many different variations of the song Akon beautiful.

mp3 juice free download

Tap on the one that you like to download. We have chosen the first option.

Step 2: Download the Song

Now, mp3juices cc will process your request and you’ll find many different variations for the song you have searched.

mp3juice download music free

As shown in the above image, you’ll get 2 options i.e download and play.

You can play the song before downloading just to make sure that you are downloading the right song. 

If you click on the play button, the video will start playing and you can check if that is the song you wanted to download. If not, check on other songs in the below options.

free music downloader

When you click on the download option, you’ll find 3 options as shown below. You can either download, save to the cloud, or share the video on Facebook.


When you click on the download button, mp3juices cc will begin your download right away.  

If you click on save to cloud you’ll get 2 options for saving into the cloud. It’s either through dropbox or google drive.

So that is it. Using mp3juices cc you have successfully downloaded your song!

But there is another way of using mp3juices cc to download your favorite songs. Let’s check the steps for this as well.

Step 1: Go to Youtube

Visit youtube either on mobile or laptop and then search for the song you want to download. We will take the same example of Akon’s beautiful song.

Once you have found the video of Akon beautiful, copy the URL of the video as shown below.

What is mp3 juice cc?

You can also copy the URL by right-clicking on the video and then copy the video URL

Step 2: Head Straight to Mp3juices cc

Now once you have the video URL, go to mp3juices cc and in the search box paste the URL that you just copied, and then hit the search icon as shown below.

Mp3juices cc official

Once you have done that, mp3juices cc will check, load, and then convert the video into mp3 format for you to download.

Once it’s converted, you’ll find similar options like the one which we have mentioned before i.e download option, saving to cloud option, or sharing on Facebook.

So these are the 2 ways through which you can download music with the help of mp3juices cc!

Is Mp3juices cc Safe?

Without a second thought, mp3juices cc is safe to use. The only way it can cause problems to you is if you click any of the ads present on the mp3juices cc website.

Well, you also need to know that just by clicking on the ads present on the mp3juices site won’t harm you in any way.

But be very careful, not to take any actions on the ads page when you click on ads by mistake.

Because mp3juices cc will redirect you to some questionable and suspicious site that looks dangerous. So to be on the safer side, close the tab as soon as it opens.

Just pay attention to the page which is opened because of redirect and never keep it open for a long time. Close it before it even loads!

And similar to other tools, even mp3juices cc doesn’t require any signups or registrations which makes it completely anonymous.

Because most people will have concerns regarding giving personal data during the signup process. So with mp3juices cc, you don’t have to worry about this factor!

So we can conclude that mp3juices cc is safe to use.

Is mp3 juices cc Legal?

Hmm, this is a tricky question to answer. I would mp3juices is a legal website but downloading music from pirated sites is basically considered as unethical. But it’s not illegal though. 

Downloading music from pirated would be a bit of unfair to the music creators because they’ll put a lot of hard work to produce a music and they expect something in return.

You must be already aware that when you stream music on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, every time a music is streamed the artist will get money.

So when you download music from websites such as mp3juices cc, the artists won’t receive any money and that’s the reason some people consider downloading from such sites is illegal or unethical.

But you don’t have to worry about that and you are free to download any music from mp3juices cc without any legal problem!

You won’t get arrested 😀

Just make sure after downloading the songs from mp3juices cc you won’t reproduce the song anywhere else, then you would definitely face legal issues.

Hope we made it clear that mp3juices cc is legal to use!

How to Remove Popups?

When you first visit mp3juices cc, the website might ask you to show notifications and most people would be unaware of what it means and will click on allow button.

Well, if you click on the allow button then that’s the mistake you have done. Clicking on allow button allows mp3juices cc to show you unrelated, suspicious pop-ups for you. And when you click on these popups it will be redirected to some malicious sites.

So in order to stop this to happen, below is a simple process to block these popup notifications from mp3juices cc.

First, click on the lock option in front of the mp3juices cc URL as shown below.

Is Mp3juices cc Safe?

After that, in notifications click on the block option. Now once you have done that to make the changes that you just made, you need to reload the mp3juices cc website.

Once you reloaded the site, your changes will be saved and you won’t see any more pop-up notifications from mp3juices cc.

You can also stop these pop-up ads from mp3juices cc by resetting your chrome setting to default.

Mp3juices cc App Download

Yes, there is a mp3juices cc app that is available both for android and ios users in their respective stores. 

It has very good ratings in the AppStore and more than 100K users are using the mp3juices cc app for downloading their favorite music to their local storage. 

The app is completely free to use but there are few ads though which might irritate you but I would say the mp3juices app is worth using.

Is There Mp3juices cc Chrome Extension?

No, there isn’t any official chrome extension offered by mp3juices cc. But if you search on google, you’ll find a chrome extension on the chrome web store for mp3juices with the name “[Official] Mp3 Juice Download”. 

But let me tell you, that’s not the official one. It’s offered by So make sure you don’t end up installing this chrome extension which might cause problems to your PC!

How Does Mp3juices cc Make Money?

Similar to other free tools, even mp3juices cc makes money from advertisements. Advertisements are their mp3juices only source of income.

If you visit the mp3juices cc website you’ll see that there aren’t any ads on any of their pages. So you might ask then where are these ads.

Well, the ads will pop up when you click on the download option or play button. When you click on the play button you will see ads just like below.

How Does Mp3juices cc Make Money?

And when you click on the download option you’ll notice that mp3juices will redirect you to another website so that is also an advertisement though which mp3juices cc makes money!

You can also see ads on the mp3juices cc app so even this ads to their revenue.

Millions of users use mp3juices cc for downloading music every single month. So you see even though mp3juices cc is free to use they are making huge amounts of money every single month through advertisements.

Features of Mp3juices cc

Below are a few great features of mp3juices cc. Check it out!

Search Songs From Many Sources

Mp3juices cc will search songs for you from seven different sources i.e youtube, SoundCloud, Vk, Yandex, 4shared, promoDJ, and archive.

Features of Mp3juices cc

This basically means you can find any kind of song from every corner of the world. This will help you to broaden your matching result.

Works as a Search Engine

Mp3juices cc works as a search engine just like how google search works. Whenever you start typing of mp3juices cc search box, the mp3juices AI will automatically start suggesting to you the queries that you might be looking after.

This feature will save your time and makes finding your favorite songs much easier!

Play and Listen to Songs

This is a good feature too. Before you begin the download you can check the song by playing it to see if that is exactly the song that you want to download.

This will save you the unnecessary wastage of data by downloading the wrong songs!

Mp3 Cutter

Mp3juices cc offers an mp3 cutter as well. You can find this option on the top menu of mp3juices. With this mp3 cutter tool, you can trim the unnecessary.

You just have to enter start and end time and the mp3 cutter will do the trimming for you.

Searching Speed is Great

As soon as you start typing on the search box of mp3juices cc, it will quickly show you the automated results that you might be interested in. 

Appealing Design

The design of the mp3juices cc is also great and appealing. There aren’t any ads on the homepage and it’s easy to use without any interstitial pop-ups or banner ads.

Final Thoughts

Music lovers will find this mp3juices cc tool very useful. Downloading songs from mp3juices is super easy and it only takes a matter of seconds to get the things done.

Moreover, it’s a free tool without any signups which makes its one of the best mp3 downloader site!

Hope from this article, you came to know how to use mp3juices cc for downloading your most favorite songs.

Quick FAQ’s

What is mp3juices cc?

Mp3juices cc is free to use music downloader tool

Can your device get a virus if you download songs from

As discussed, your device might get infected with a virus if you take any action on the ads page.

Is mp3juices cc legal?

Yes, it’s 100% legal to use mp3juices cc. Just don’t distribute the songs you download.

Is there an mp3juices cc chrome extension?

No, there isn’t any official mp3juices cc chrome extension

Is there a mp3juices cc app?

Yes, the mp3juices app is very helpful for mobo users!

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