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Mp4juice(2022)|How To Use Mp4juice To Download Videos?

When it comes to downloading mp3 music or mp4 videos there are plenty of platforms. It will be hard for anyone to decide to which one to go after. 

With so many downloadable platforms, there comes safety issues as well. Some video and audio downloader sites might have some dangerous ads or not-so-good navigational options.

mp4juice is one such website which I would say is a decent website to download the video as well audios. 

What is Mp4juice?

Mp4juice cc is free to use and download your favorite video from youtube or the audio from SoundCloud.

It is very easy to use mp4juice. You just need to search for the video/audio that you want to download on the search box. And mp4juice will get the results for you to download.

Now let’s see how to use mp4juice in detail (step by step)

How to Use Mp4juice?

Using mp4juice is no brainer. It is just similar to how you use other video downloader sites. 

The official mp4juice website interface looks like the image shown below:


Now there are 2 ways you can download videos or audios using mp4juice. Let’s check out both ways.

Method 1

The first method is from mp4juice website itself. In the search box of mp4juice, just start typing the song or video name that you wish to download.

Let’s say you want to download “one dance” by Drake. So to download this song, we started typing drake one dance and mp4juice will automatically show the related results according to the search query as shown in the image below.

How to use mp4juice

Now select the one that you want to download. In this case, we have selected the first option i.e “Drake one dance”.

Also, check the sources form where you want mp4juice to find the results for you. If you just want from youtube then you can uncheck the other 2 options i.e SoundCloud and other.

Once you have selected the song you want to download, hit on the red color search icon.

Now mp4juice will search all over the internet for the title you have selected and provide you with the results. For this search, we have got 44 results from mp4juice.

Now once you click on the download icon as shown in above image, you’ll get 3 options to choose i.e

  • Download mp3
  • Download video
  • Save to dropbox

Choose the one that you want. You can also click on the play button and cross-check if that is exactly the video or audio you want to download. 

Now in the above-mentioned options click on either download mp3 or download video and your file will start to start to download right away.

Note: Sometimes when clicking on these options you might be redirected to other sites. So in that case just close that page because it might be harming your device.

Method 2

Now, this method is through youtube. Just go to youtube and select the video that you want to download. We will take the same example of “drake one dance”

Now just copy the video url of that song and then head over to mp4juice.

In the search bar of mp4juice, paste the video URL as shown below and click the search box.

Once you have done that, you can follow the same steps which is mentioned in method one to download the video.

Simple right? So these are 2 methods by which you can download audio or video from mp4juice.

One disadvantage of mp4juice is that you do not get the option to choose the quality if the video or the audio that you want to download.

Is Mp4juice Safe?

Yes, mp4juice is safe to use because there are basically no ads that you can find on the website which are annoying or disturbing.

But as mentioned earlier sometimes you’ll be redirected to other advertisement pages when you click on the download option. So be aware of it and close the window ASAP.

Final Say

mp4juice is a good one for downloading your favorite stuff. One thing which I liked about mp4juice is that there are no ads on the entire website which is great you might click on any irrelevant ads and that might cause problems to your device.

Quick FAQ’s

What is mp4juice?

mp4juice is used to download video and audio in a super-easy way.

Is it legal to download from mp4juice?

It is illegal to distribute the files after you download. No problem in using it for personal use.

Is mp4juice safe?

Yes, it is safe.

How much time it will take to download stuff from mp4juice?

With a good internet connection, it shouldn’t take more than 1 min.

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