Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Nick Cannon on having more kids after welcoming 12th baby

Nick Cannon, a popular American actor and TV host, has recently made headlines for his comments on having more children. The 41-year-old star has welcomed his 12th child with Abby De La Rosa in June 2021, but it seems like he is not ruling out the possibility of having more kids in the future.

When asked if he is done having children during a recent interview, Nick Cannon replied, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” before adding, “God decides when we’re done, but I believe I definitely got my hands full. And I’m so focused. I’m locked in. But when I’m 85, you never know. I might.”

Nick Cannon is known for being a doting father to his children and has often expressed his love and commitment towards them. He shares three children with his former wife, Mariah Carey, and has fathered four children with Brittany Bell, a former Miss Arizona USA, and two children with Abby De La Rosa, a DJ and influencer.

The actor’s recent comments have sparked a debate among fans and followers, with many expressing their opinions on his decision to have more children. While some praised him for his love and dedication towards his kids, others criticized him for having too many children and questioned his ability to provide for them all.

Despite the mixed reactions, Nick Cannon has remained firm in his stance on fatherhood and has often spoken about his desire to have a big family. In a previous interview, he stated that he believes in the importance of having a large family and wants to instill strong family values in his children.

The actor’s busy schedule and multiple responsibilities, including hosting several TV shows and running his own production company, make it clear that he has his hands full. However, Nick Cannon remains committed to being a present and supportive father to his children and has proven to be a dedicated parent time and time again.

Nick Cannon’s recent comments on having more children have once again put the spotlight on his personal life and parenting choices. Whether or not he decides to have more kids in the future remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Nick Cannon’s love for his children is unwavering, and he will continue to prioritize his role as a father above all else.