Tuesday, March 5, 2024
Technology News

Nokia changes its iconic logo for the first time in 60 years

After nearly 60 years, Nokia has made a major update to its iconic logo. The new logo features the word “NOKIA” in a new, distinct font style that uses geometric shapes to create each letter. In addition to the new font style, Nokia has also dropped the iconic blue color from its logo in favor of a range of colors.

The decision to update the logo comes as Nokia has shifted its focus from smartphones to business technology. In an interview, Nokia’s CEO Pekka Lundmark said that the old logo was associated with smartphones, which no longer reflects the company’s current business model.

According to Lundmark, the new logo better reflects Nokia’s focus on developing technology solutions for businesses. “We are now more of a business-to-business company,” he said. “The new logo better reflects the kind of company we are today.”

The updated logo has been well-received by the public, with many expressing their support for the change on social media. Some have even praised the new design, calling it modern and stylish.

Nokia’s new logo will be rolled out across all of the company’s products and marketing materials in the coming months. The company has also updated its brand guidelines to reflect the new design.

Nokia is no stranger to rebranding. The company has undergone several major changes over the years, including a major restructuring in 2014 that saw the sale of its smartphone business to Microsoft. The company has since shifted its focus to developing technology solutions for businesses, including 5G networks and cloud services.

The update to Nokia’s logo is a clear indication of the company’s evolution over the years. As Nokia continues to grow and expand its business, it’s clear that the company is committed to keeping its brand identity fresh and up-to-date.