Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Paris Hilton says she had an abortion in my early 20s when she was a Kid

The American media personality, Paris Hilton, has made a stunning revelation about her past. In a recent interview with a leading media outlet, Hilton revealed that she had an abortion in her early 20s. This was something that she had never spoken about before due to the stigma surrounding it.

Speaking candidly about her experience, Hilton shared that she was “a kid” at the time and felt unprepared for the decision she had to make. “This was also something that I didn’t want to talk about because there was so much shame around that. I was a kid and I was not ready for that,” she said.

The heiress to the Hilton empire has been in the public eye for most of her life, but she rarely speaks about her personal life. However, in recent years, she has been more open about her struggles and experiences. Hilton has previously talked about being abused at a boarding school in Utah and the impact it had on her mental health.

The revelation about her abortion experience comes as a surprise to many of her fans, who have known her primarily as a socialite, DJ, and reality TV star. However, her honesty about such a sensitive topic has been appreciated by many.

In the same interview, Hilton also talked about her recent journey to becoming a mother. The 40-year-old announced the birth of her son, Carter Reum, on her Instagram page earlier this month. However, the child was born via surrogacy.

“I’m so grateful that I had this option because I don’t think I would have been able to carry it myself,” she said. Hilton has been engaged to her partner, venture capitalist Carter Reum, since February 2021.

The topic of surrogacy has been a controversial one in recent years, with many people questioning its ethics and legality. However, Hilton has been vocal about her support for the process, stating that it allowed her to become a mother on her own terms.

Hilton’s honesty about her experiences has been praised by many, with people commending her for opening up about such sensitive topics. It remains to be seen if she will continue to share more of her personal life with the public, but for now, her fans are grateful for the insight she has given them.