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Ryan Pineda Net Worth 2022 | The House Flipping Legend

Ryan Pineda is one of the legends when it comes to the real estate business and is the founder of the NFT project named Tykes.

Ryan Pineda is born on April 17th, 1989 and as of 2022, Ryan Pineda is 33 years old. This real estate entrepreneur is from Las Vegas, Nevada.

With that let’s dig more info on Ryan Pineda net worth and about his successful real estate business journey.

Ryan Pineda Net Worth and Business Life

Ryan Pineda, a former pro baseball player and real estate investor, Ryan Pineda, has an inspiring story to share.

Born and raised in Southern California, Ryan was always determined to make his mark in the world. After a successful career as a professional baseball player, he decided to put all of his experience and knowledge into writing a best-selling book.

With his new found success as an author, Ryan decided to take his career one step further by becoming a real estate investor. He’s now using his skills and experience to help others achieve their dreams of financial freedom.

According to Ryan Pineda’s LinkedIn profile, he has completed his bachelor’s degree in economics from California state university. 

Ryan Pineda is the CEO and owner of a few companies. Let’s check out one by one. Ryan is the owner of the real estate brokerage firm named Forever Home Realty which he started in the year 2017.

Ryan Pineda is the CEO of 3 other companies named TrueBooks CPA, Homerun Offer, and Future Flipper.

Before getting into the business and real estate world Ryan Pineda was a baseball player and he was a professional player as well and used to play for Oakland athletics. Ryan used to play for MLB during the 2010s when he was 20 years old.

As per the estimates for the year 2022, Ryan Pineda’s net worth is at least $5M or more than that and that is because Ryan has multiple income streams.

Before real estate, Ryan Pineda used to do furniture flipping which unfortunately didn’t turn out as he wanted it to be. Craigslist was the platform where Ryan used to buy the couches for less money and then sell them for higher money after some refurbishing.

And after leaving it he entered real estate in full fledge.

Since the time Ryan started flipping houses, everything went according to the plan, and made a lot of money with this business.

Ryan Pineda has been in the real estate industry since 2010 and he began flipping houses in the year 2015 which was the major turning point in his life.

Now let’s have a glance at Ryan Pineda’s social media presence.

Ryan Pineda Instagram

If you can Ryan Pineda’s instagram account then you’ll see that Ryan posts at least 4 to 5 posts on a daily basis and keeps his audience engaged. 

Ryan has 216K followers on instagram and has posted more than 2K posts! Ryan talks and posts about NFTs and investment ideas on his instagram account so make sure you follow him to build your business!

Ryan Pineda Youtube

Now just like Insta, Ryan consistently posts videos on youtube as well. Ryan Pineda joined youtube in 2014 and has 218K subscribers to date. He has uploaded more than 440 videos and that have received more than 9.9M views.

Ryan Pineda doesn’t make much from his youtube ads and sponsorship but definitely adds to his overall net worth.

Ryan Pineda Podcast

Ryan Pineda’s podcast shows are very popular and his podcast is broadcasted on Apple podcast, Spotify and youtube so you can check any of these 3 platforms to listen to his podcasts. 

There are a lot of podcast episodes (as of now 144) that are uploaded by Ryan that you can listen to get business ideas!

Ryan Pineda Twitter

You can follow Ryan on Twitter too but so active compared to the other platforms that he is in.

Ryan Pineda Tiktok

If you are running a business and think TikTok is just for entertainment then just once have a look at Ryan Pineda’s TikTok profile as he has 1M followers and actively posts TikTok videos!

Ryan Pineda Website

Ryan Pineda’s official website name is where you can check all his resources and get to know him!

Ryan Pineda’s Wife and Family

Ryan Pineda is a married and family man. Ryan Pineda’s wife’s name is Mindy Pineda and they both got married in the year 2013 and Ryan says that his wife is the biggest factor in his success and infact she is one of the reasons how Ryan Pineda became a millionaire. 

If you want to follow Ryan Pineda’s wife on Instagram then her username is minsuepin.

Moreover, Ryan has 2 kids, a son whose name is James and a daughter whose name is Olivia.

Ryan Pineda Book

Ryan Pineda has written a book named “Flip your future” that is available on Amazon and has 102 pages for you to read about house-flipping strategies!

The book written by Ryan has outstanding reviews on Amazon!

The Bottom Line!

Ryan’s story is one of inspiration and determination. He’s proof that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

For anyone who wants to get into the real estate industry and start flipping houses then definitely Ryan Pineda is a true inspiration and is someone that you need to check out if you wish to swim in this business!

Ryan is a young and hard-working man! Let us know what are your thoughts on Ryan Pineda?

FAQs on Ryan Pineda

What is Ryan Pineda’s age?

Ryan Pineda’s age is 33 years as of 2022.

What is Ryan Pineda’s wife’s age?

Ryan Pineda’s wife’s age is 30 years.

How much is Ryan Pineda worth?

As mentioned, Ryan Pineda can be worth more than $5M.

What was the salary Ryan Pineda used to get while he was playing baseball?

Ryan Pineda was only making around $1200 while playing baseball in the minor leagues.

Where is Ryan Pineda from?

Ryan Pineda is from Las Vegas, USA.

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